Real Kitchen Inspiration From Iceland

Dear Lar,

This post is kind of the opposite of the Konmari method of organizing. I forget how I stumbled upon these Kitchens of Iceland photos by Emily Johnston (possibly via Cup of Jo), but I just fell in love with them.

Not only are they great photos, I just love, love, love the imperfect, messiness of the kitchens. Even though we’re more Type A’s and love organization, we’ve both talked about getting so bored with all the “perfectness” that you see on social media these days. It’s all started to look the same: the perfectly styled coffee table, that plaid scarf and Valentino (or Valentino-inspired) heels, the touch of glitter, everyone being able to eat stuff like this, drink these, and still look like this, etc. It’s not real life.

So, in the name of keeping it real, here are current photos from my kitchen inspired by Emily Johnston (but not nearly as good). In a perfect world, I would have already painted the cabinets and walls white, replaced the hardware, installed some kind of cool backsplash, ditched the dirty sponge, and figured out a better use of counter space. But none of that is going to happen anytime soon – although, I did throw out the sponge this week 😉

red kitchen appliances

caths kitchen sink

I find that I’ve started following more blogs that don’t have picture after picture of perfect styling. Authenticity! That’s the word I’ve been looking for! I just want to see more authentic living. I find that so much more compelling.

Now, on a totally unrelated note, here are some links that I forgot to tell you about when we were skyping today:

• It’s almost dinner time and I’m thinking about making this because I have a spaghetti squash that Lena’s mom brought me from a Michigan farm a few weeks ago.
• Totally out of season, but I can’t believe these are sold by Payless. I love their high-end designer fugliness. I would get them in black and wear them with black shorts and a slouchy navy blue sweater – in the spring.
• On a completely irresponsible whim I bought this outfit for the holidays online. It arrived on Friday. It’s getting returned this Monday. I looked like a sparkly, navy blue marshmallow.
I was going to say, “I hope you have a great short work week!” but then realized there is no Thanksgiving in Scotland. Duh. So I hope you have a great regular week. I can’t wait to see photos from your week-long, relaxing holiday on the coast!
xoxo, Cath

8 thoughts on “Real Kitchen Inspiration From Iceland”

  1. Hi Cath!

    Buahahaha blue sparkling marshmallow! We totally telepathied again: I tired on two sparkly sequined dresses — a magenta and a black spangly marshmallow. I did end up buying a tweed ensemble (think faux Chanel ;D) — I’ll take piccies soon.

    Authenticity — yes! I love that about these pics. And even though the Selby got a little taxidermy-heavy for me, I think he did that too, which was a nice foil for all the styling happening.

    I didn’t stage any of my KonMari pics because I thought it would take away from the message about how it works to tidy. And it’s hard because my fingers get itchy to move things (sponge!) but it does get old doesn’t it? Everything does begin to look the same.

    I look forward to the pendulum swinging the other way and things getting a bit more relaxed — authentically relaxed (not just styled boho).

    Hope you have the most wonderful Thanksgiving this week! Can’t wait to Black Friday skype you!



    ps Stick figure – heh heh.

    1. A tweed ensemble?!? I want to see it now! Also, i want one of my own.

      I wish there was a fashion equivalent of the Selby – even though I stopped visiting his site when it felt like everyone’s place was looking the same. I just revisited and the subjects seem to be more diverse. The Sart and all those other street style blogs became about fashion week style and soooo boring.

      I think it’s all about finding a balance. Because it’s not that I’m anti-styling, but I’m just tired of seeing just the picture-perfect side of things, you know?

      It would be great if social media did become more authentically relaxed. Although that would mean me spending even more of my time reading blogs, looking through instagram, and scrolling through pinterest 😉

  2. Oh boy, you and I are on the same page re. the over-styled-ness of everything. And kitchens overflowing with dishes and half-full pantry staples are the best kind: they are well used, well loved, and you can bet many delicious meals come out of them!

    1. So true! I find houses so much more interesting when they look lived in. And the same goes for clothes. I love it when fashion bloggers actually look like they wear their clothes because they love them and not just because they’re trendy or it’s something they got through an affiliate. Like I love how you always find a way to wear those gorgeous silver Philip Lim loafers – they look fantastic and it’s clear that you actually wear them and love them!

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