Sometimes Edinburgh feels like Italy

lunch al fresco

Dear Cath

You know how I was just bemoaning the fact that Edinburgh can be so miserably oppressive in the winter? Well, the last few weeks have been amazing. I mean, it rains a lot and we have gray days, but it’s not been cruel, ruthlessly windy and cold. And it’s the end of October!

In fact today is windy and rainy, but it’s warm-ish. And it feels wooonderful. And last weekend we actually sat outside in the sun for lunch. Our first summer in Scotland we couldn’t do that once. In summer.

Matt and I have been even more wary of this approaching winter because we won’t have our usual reprieve in Atlanta for Christmas. I don’t like thinking about not being together, but my fingers and toes are crossed that this will be the first and last time we spend the holidays apart. And in the meantime I’m sorry you’ll have to hear me give you constant Scottish weather reports.

Winter closing in isn’t all bad though. I love the drama of the light at this time of the year. As the sun makes it’s slow descent, the angle of the light is so intense. Yesterday I went strolling through Princes Street Gardens and up Castle rock just as the sun was setting behind the castle. Soon that will be happening at around 2:30 or 3pm, but for now it’s still at a reasonable 5:30pm and looks beautiful.

tree train edinburgh fall light

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and are getting a touch of autumn in Atlanta. Can’t wait to chat later today!





4 thoughts on “Sometimes Edinburgh feels like Italy”

  1. Oh my goodness, Edinburgh looks so magical in that light! I know you are dreading the winter, but it’s so hard for me to comprehend when you have days/views/castles! like that! Then again, it’s easy for me to not dread winter since it’s still getting up into the mid-70s here. Fall can’t come fast enough! I really wish I could spend some time enjoying fall-ish things, but as with everything this semester, I’ve been too busy to. Maybe at the very least I’ll get a chance to make some pumpkin overnight oats – ha!

    I also haven’t completely accepted that you won’t be home for holidays. I feel like this whole semester/Q3 & Q4 is not real life since I’m not blogging, not seeing you for Christmas and having surgery the first thing in the new year.

    I hope you guys experience a fluke winter in Scotland this year and it proves to be sunnier and warmer than usual. I mean, someone has got to benefit from climate change, right?

    love you!

    1. Hi Cath!

      I feel like a do show vastly disproportionally sunny and beautiful photos of Edinburgh. I remember last winter, I would just take pictures of the sun because it was so elusive that it seemed like something to INSTAGRAM about — the sun. In the sky. Not looking particularly lovely.

      We should make lots of plans of how to get you over here once you graduate okay?

      LOVE YOU!


      p.s. We have been really warm this fall too (like in the mid 50s!) — so I think climate change is happening. Though sadly I can’t change the sun unless I tilt the earth. I am going to the gym though — so I’ll work my way up to that by December ;D

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