Edinburgh sky

Dear Cath,

I took this waiting at my bus stop after work this evening. Bus rides are bumpy and irritable in Edinburgh — all cobblestones and constant road works. But I followed the sunset home. It was just dipping below the horizon as we turned onto York Place and everything it touched was daubed in gold.

Love you,


p.s. Still plowing through that Marx bio (my Kindle says I’m only 43% of the way through. Liar.). I learned today that Marx’s uncle, who repeatedly denied his nephew much-needed financial relief, was the founder of the company that would become Philips Electronics. An irascible, not-too-fond-of-Marx 19th century Dutch man. One degree of separation between the Communist Manifesto and an electronic shaver. Heh!


2 thoughts on “Today”

  1. See?!?! That’s why I want to start reading more biographies! Of course if I had any free time I would post here before picking up a book.

    It’s so funny because when I think of bus rides in Edinburgh I think of efficiency (every 5 minutes almost!), and quaintness (double decker!). And following the sunset home sounds so magically. I’m usually deep into reading and paper writing and completely ignore the sunset every day. Hurumph!

    Love you!

  2. Hi Kitcath!

    Sooo the reason I started reading a biography is because of you mentioning how much you were loving Ken Burns’ Roosevelt documentary. Once you started telling me all about FDR and Teddy it inspired me to look up a list of pulitzer-prize winning bios. I’ve learned to not necessarily choose just a bio of someone you already like. Hence Marx. Not that I dislike him (though I doubt we would have gotten along in person). I also liked the fact that this bio (Love and Capital) was also about his wife Jenny — she fleshes Marx out and makes him less this one dimensional revolutionary character.

    You are so right about Edinburgh’s bus system though — I can’t complain — it is terrifico! The buses are usually timely and come often and get me from A to B. The cobbles are a bit annoying though especially when you are trying to read said bio and your kindle is jumping all over the place because of the bumping down the road. The life of a bus-taking reader is fraught with challenges.

    I can’t wait until you are out of paper/class purgatory and can read books you really want to read!

    LOVE YOU!!!


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