Wedding Season

Dearest Lar,

Do you realize that out of all of our close college friends that you were the second to get married?! I didn’t realize that until I attend Ali’s wedding this past weekend and figured out she was the fourth (Brie, you, Michelle, Ali). At 27 you got married “young” ;p. I sometimes wonder if going to a women’s college slows down the marriage trend a bit amongst friends – we are an independent bunch after all.

It was so awesome to see everyone on Saturday. The only one missing from our group was you!!!


Michael Kors dress via TJ Max • thrifted clutch (similar here for $25) • Zara heels (similar here) • vintage clip on earrings • Essie Borrowed & Blue nail polish

Do you recognize the dress? I wore it to Troy’s cousin’s wedding two years ago in Colorado, but I accessorized a little differently. It’s the most comfortable dress in the world. I remember when I bought it at TJ Maxx there was a black one too – I should have snatched it up!

vintage clip on earrings

I finally got to wear the vintage earrings I got at Salvage last month. I love them so much and they were only $15! They did start hurting my ears after a while, but were still totally worth it.

golden clutch

See how I’m wearing the ring you got for me in London? It’s still one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I get compliments on it all the time. It’s so elegantly understated that no one would believe it dyes my finger green 😉

blue and turquoise heels

Since Ali and Brian love to travel together (they’re going to Budapest for their honeymoon), the flower girls threw out petals and heart shaped maps. Brilliant idea.

me and Troy

I posted this photo on Instagram and Ellen said that it looks like I’m wearing a giant tie clip standing next to Troy. It totally does!

The wedding was really fun and for a few hours I didn’t think about school work or house stuff. These past few weeks have been so beyond stressful. The end of the semester is always crazy, but trying to find another house to rent and then deciding to buy a house instead is insane! If you had asked me two months ago if I’d think about buying a house, I’d be like, “Wha? Who are you talking to? WTF is homeownership?” I always figured I’d be a renter for life, but that was before I realized the rental market in the Atlanta was bonkers. Who knows, maybe a month from now I’ll be an honest-to-goodness homeowner. And maybe in a few months I’ll be filling this blog with home inspiration pics and DIY, but until then just keep your fingers crossed for me.

Thanks for being so supportive throughout this whole month.

Skype with mom on Sunday?!

Xoxo, Cath

16 thoughts on “Wedding Season”

  1. Cath, you look beautiful and I love the photo of you and Troy together!

    I so wish I could have been there with you and all the ladies! I can’t tell you how sad I was to miss it. Ali looked beautiful and I wish I had been there to throw map paper hearts and take tie pin photos with you (well spotted, Ellen!).

    And it is very strange to think about getting married “early” especially when I never really gave getting married a thought before. i really thought you and I would end up in a house together and be all Beale-y. Maybe Troy and Matt will let us live next to each other and yell through the windows. Lucky men!

    Yes pllleeease let’s skype Sunday!

    I’m sending you all the happy house vibes I know! I love the one you sent to me!!! XOOXOXOXOOXOX,


    1. Bah! So sorry we didn’t get to Skype Sunday. Maybe we can fit in a quick call on Monday?! I hope so. There’s so much going on!

      Did you have a good weekend? What are your plans for the week? I feel like I have no idea what you’ve been up to. How was your day trip with the church?

      I totally thought we’d end up in a Beale-ish existence. There’s still plenty of time for that to happen 😉

      xoxo, Cath

  2. I love that dress! And had to laugh at the tie pin remark, so true! 😀
    So exciting that you and Troy are looking to buy a house together. I found the whole experience super stressful (I bought my place 6 years ago), so I’ll be sending you good and happy house vibes too.

    1. Michelle, thank you so much! The experience is so so so stressful, and I know it’ll just get more stressful before it gets better. How did you cope? Lots of wine? That’s been my tactic so far – heehee.

      1. Oh yes, lots and lots of booze as well and commiserations with with friends. I see on the blog that you’ve bought a house, so next step is the move I guess. Good luck!

  3. Oohhh!! Good luck with the house hunting!! Can’t wait to see where you end up!

    You know, this is going to sound really weird and stalker-y, especially from a stranger on the internet – but when both of you post pictures where you and your significant others are together – the love just flies off the page! You can feel the mutual love and adoration radiating 🙂 I’ve noticed it before, and just felt the need to say something with the very adorable tie clip pic. It’s really very sweet 🙂

  4. you look fabulous cath!!! i love that dress.and your “tie clip”. haha!
    just like lar, i too was one of my first friends that got married. kind of crazy considering that i was always the one that never had serious boyfriends or long relationships.
    and you’re looking to buy a house?!?! wow! that is huge! good luck to you!!! i was a renter for a long time, then we bought a house, and now we are renters again (for life). just not for us. but i can’t wait to hear about your search and decorating!!! 🙂

    1. I know if I lived in NYC I would have to be a renter for life. In fact, I thought I would be a renter for life until I realized that it would cost me more to rent in Atlanta than buy a house. Isn’t that crazy?! It’s so random how things work out.

    1. It’s insane how huge the wedding industry is. If Troy and I ever decide to get married I think we’ll just go to the courthouse. As much as I love being creative and thinking of fun decor, etc, it’s just too overwhelming!

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