Peter Pilotto Collab for Target

Peter Pilotto for Target

My friend, Meredith, and I have made it a tradition to wake up early and head to Target whenever a designer collaboration comes out. The Peter Pilotto debut on Sunday was no different. We headed over to our local Target and rushed the doors with about seven other people.

Honestly, I wasn’t quite as excited about this collaboration since I’m not a big pattern/prints fan and this collection is nothing but prints. Nevertheless, I liked the modern cuts and shapes that I saw on the online lookbooks so I figured it was worth waking up early on a Sunday.

In person the items didn’t look as crisp and bright as they appeared online, so I only tried on a handful of items:

Peter Pilotto skirt and top

Tank Green Netting Print | Red Floral Check Print Skirt | Black Check Print Pants

I liked the way the tank fit, but I ended up not getting it because the print was too busy for me. The skirt was probably the worst fitting item I tried on. It puffed out at the waist awkwardly and fell just above the knee. The pants, however, were so comfy!

Peter Pilotto sweatshirt and pants

Light Blue Sweatshirt | Black Checked Pants

I really wanted the sweatshirt even though it’s on the busy side, but after my 5-day, foodie trip to Seattle funds were a little limited and I could only afford one item. So I got the pants! They’re more versatile than the sweatshirt. I can wear them to work, but they’re also comfortable enough to wear with sneakers on the weekend.

Peter Pilotto pants

Now that I look at these photos,Β I think might get the pants hemmed ever so slightly since I plan on wearing them with these heels or black pumps. In the winter I’ll wear these pants with the Funktional sweatshirt (above) and in the summer I’ll wear them with a loose-fitting, black, short sleeve shirt like this one.

My favorite part is the little pattern detail by the pocket.

Peter Pilotto pant pocket

Have you checked out the collection yet? Did you buy anything? Even though Peter Pilotto isn’t a household name, it sounds like the collaboration was incredibly successful. I’m hoping that the sweatshirt might eventually go on clearance in a few weeks, but it’ll probably be sold out by then. Fingers crossed!


Update on Lar:

Lar was able to come home from the hospital today – woohoo! She’s still on super strong antibiotics, which are making her feel like crap and she’s emotionally and physically exhausted. Once she gets her strength back up, I’ll have her check out all the sweet comments that you guys have been leaving.

22 thoughts on “Peter Pilotto Collab for Target”

  1. I love the pants! The sweatshirt pairs so well with the pants, and probably any plain black or unicolour pants, so fingers crossed that it’s still in your size when it comes on sale.

    Excellent news on Lar, hope she starts to feel better soon!

    1. Yep! I’m counting on you to keep me posted on clearance items. We might just have to go back to the store for another visit πŸ™‚

  2. I went to check out the collab but didn’t like a lot of it – super disappointed, especially in the material.

    The one tank and the strapless dress I really wanted to see/try on weren’t available at the Sydney Marcus location! I may buy online and just return if they’re not up to par.

    Glad to hear Lar’s home!!! πŸ™‚ Sending happy thoughts to her and the whole family!!!

    1. Yeah, the material was definitely underwhelming. I was going to stop by the North Lake Target at some point and see if they had some of the stuff that Edgewood didn’t.

      Thanks for the happy thoughts!

  3. Those trousers look uber cute on you! I ended up getting the flower jersey dress which is not too dissimilar from the Prabal Garung flower dress.

    Happy to hear that Lar is home and recovering from her surgery! Momo just had surgery too – they can be sympathy pals πŸ™‚

    1. What did Momo have surgery for?!

      I was tempted to by the flower jersey dress, but didn’t because it is so similar to the Prabal Garung one I already have πŸ˜‰

  4. i LOVE the pants!!! the pocket detail is fantastic. and i love how you paired them with those bold shoes!
    when i saw the commercial for this collection i was so excited. then i remembered, we don’t have a target close by. there is one in brooklyn.but it’s not really near me. so i never get to check out these collections. i guess i could order someone online, but i need to know the fit.
    i’m SO SO SO happy to hear that lar is out of the hospital! get better soon lar!!!!!!!!!
    p.s. how are you guys holding up with the crazy weather that the south has been getting? we’re getting 8-12 inches tomorrow.and i’m not happy about it. all the snow and ice from the last few storms is just piled up. and with the cold temperatures it just isn’t melting. UGH!!!

    1. We’ve been so lucky that we haven’t lost power and some of the shops and restaurants have stayed open with limited hours. I can’t believe your’re getting a foot of snow! You must be so sick of winter.

      The fit for the Pilotto line is very similar to the other Target designer collaborations – if that helps πŸ˜‰ If there’s a piece you really want online, I say get it. But if you’re not totally sold on anything, it’s not worth getting online – at least not until the line goes on clearance.

  5. So glad to hear she’s home now!! Im sure that’s a relief. Now she can really begin to heal. Sending positive vibes your guys’ way πŸ™‚

    ps. I’m not buying made in China/et al. right now, so I’ staying away, but again kinda underwhelming. The fabric selections for most things are just icky.

    1. Go you for not buying items made in China! Lar is also against it. I’m more easily swayed by trends and cheapness, unfortunately. And yes, most of the fabric felt highly flammable.

  6. Glad to hear that Lar is out of the hospital and recovering!

    I am so happy that you got those pants because they are AWESOME, Cath! My fave part is the detail on the pockets too! Bonus that they are super comfy.

  7. I always enjoy your Target collab posts. They bring back memories from circa 2007 when it was called Go International. I still have a Patrick Robinson dress and a Tracy Feith dress that I wear and I always get compliments. My fav collections were from Alice Temperley and Erin Fetherston.

    Thanks for the update on Lar!

  8. I made my weekly target trek on Sunday not realizing that the collection was being released. All those patterns was too busy for me. I did not see those pants though. They look great on you, but seeing the online photo, I may pass because I’m tall, they won’t cover my ankles like yours πŸ™

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