AsianCajuns in Seattle


Cath and I got to spend five lovely days together in the beautiful, piney, hilly city of Seattle! We hope that while we nibbled nigiri, picked fruit and veg at Pike Place and did some thrift shopping, you guys stayed warm and toasty.

Cath and Troy had a maddening leisurely nine hours at Sea Tac before they could fly home to icy Atlanta last night on the red eye. And I know that’s the least of the crazy ice stories from the south east.

We’ll have some delectable posts coming up soon on our Seattle-ness (what a wonderful city you have, Seattlites!). I feel so very lucky that even though this past year has been a struggle health-wise it’s more than made up for it in the number of times I’ve been able to see my twinie! Next up? We’ll be in Atlanta together again for about 2.5 weeks while I have surgery #2 (for my endo) and recovery. Silver linings abound.


Dear Cath,

Oy, I can’t believe you guys had to do that nine hour waiting game yesterday. I know you must still feel the greasies and the sleepies, that special combination only obtained by long hours cattled in an airport and long flight.

So glad you guys got home okay. Did you have to sled on your suitcases to get from MARTA to your house? Can’t wait to see you Sunday — sooo sooooon!

Love you like rain loves the PNW,




12 thoughts on “AsianCajuns in Seattle”

  1. Sadface for the health problems and Cath’s flight delays, but nice to hear you were able to spend some time in Seattle and with your twin. Can’t wait to see your re-cap; as a Vancouverite, Seattle’s one of my favourite across-the-border quick getaways.

    P.S. Happy Chinese New Year, AsianCajuns!

    1. Oh Lisa and we sooo wanted to make it out to Vancouver (we would have let you know of course — must make that happen one day)! Recap will start soon — just have to get my pesky surgery out of the way first and then on to fun Seattle posts.

  2. i’ve been following along on your instagram.looks like you gals had a great trip and visit together!

    so you’re having a 2nd endo surgery? you poor thing. i’m seriously dreading the day i have to have a 2nd one.and i’m sure it will happen in the near future. if you ever need to talk about it, you know where i am! *hugs*

  3. The silver lining of nine hours in an airport was that I was able to get a lot of work done 😉 Unfortunately it also meant that I ate too much airport junk food and then had an unfortunate stomach situation on the plane. But I won’t go into details here!

    Exploring Seattle with you, Matt and Troy was one of the most fun things I’ve done all year (harhar, get it? It’s only January). No seriously, I loved it and wish our stay was twice as long!

    I hate that you’ll be back in Atlanta for surgery, but also love the fact that I’ll have you so close to me again! See you tomorrow!!!
    xoxo, Cath

    1. “Unfortunate stomach situation” is my favorite euphamism ever. It totally beats the time my Dad was at the Delta counter and told them “My daughter can’t fly because she has diarrhea!”

      True Story.

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