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Lovely readers, thank you for your amazing comments about my recovery process! You totally warmed my heart (and it needs considerable warming these days — I think I’m still in shock a bit) and I feel completely humbled to know so many of you have gone through the same or harder situations. As I physically get stronger, all the emotional stuff is coming to a head and I’ve been trying to work through it — but what a load of NOT fun-ness. So for a little distraction for me and you, let’s talk about two delightful things in this world: shopping and traveling!

Usually I can’t afford to do both. It’s an either or. You can shop a wee bit or you can save up for a trip to, well, Italy for instance. But that’s why it’s magical when the worlds collide (in my frugal one).

Many moons ago, I went to Florence on a school trip. I slipped away from the rest of the tour group when we had some free time to wonder the city and stumbled upon a treasure of Fake Jewels. That is in fact the name of this colorful and inexpensive boutique I found — if you say it in Italian it sounds even nicer “fal-si Jo-yelli:” Falsi Gioielli.

Imagine a shoebox of a space painted completely white with very simple perspex hooks all along the walls. And on said hooks are a riot of color — beads and thread. And not dainty seed beads with polite bits of ribbon, but giant plastic baubles with brilliant thick string made into necklaces and bracelets and bracelet/necklaces that you can wear as belts! I was totally smitten, and even more so when I saw the prices matched my weenie student budget. I snapped up two necklace/belts for Cath and I: something unique, totally Italian/local and affordable. The best kind of travel souvenir.

When Cath was in Florence just a few weeks ago, she stopped by Falsi Gioielli again (10 years after my first trip) and picked up two new necklaces (the one I’m wearing in the pic above and the blue one below). We’re slowly building on our fake jewelry collection, one Florence trip at a time. And the next one (Kitcath, I’m looking at you), we’ll most definitely have to be there together!

This is in no way a sponsored post — I don’t think Falsi Gioielli have a clue about us. We just wanted to spread the word so that when you next go to Florence (because you will, lovely reader), do make a stop for your fake jewels. You’ll feel so Florentine and chic and still have plenty of euros left over for copious amounts of creamy gelato.




Dear Cath,

I think I’m still too emotional at this point not to think about the Italy trip and just feel blue that we didn’t get to explore Venice, Florence and Rome together. I really do still feel cheated a bit. So wrong, I know. We had a beautiful week in our villa, but I’m still fist-shaking at my recovery. It’s hard to feel so exhausted and miserable in a beautiful place with one’s twinie. Wrong, I tell you!

I miss you like mad (as per. always!)

Love you!


9 thoughts on “Falsi Gioielli”

  1. I think it’s a great tradition to start! I can’t wait to see until you have a whole giant collection of necklaces purchased from all your trips to Florence 🙂

  2. It just means we’ll have to plan more trips in the future together! Exploring cities with you is one of my all time favorite things to do and we haven’t done it in so long. Still, I’m so grateful we did have the time at the villa together because it gave us a chance to be together.

    Where shall we travel to next? 🙂

    xoxo, Cath

    1. Does Morocco sound too crazy for you? We could do it fancy Ab Fab style ;D
      But you know it doesn’t really bother me where, as long as we are together ALL the time!!! So if you are in Akron, Ohio, I’ll be there.

  3. the necklaces are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love them!!!

    p.s. if you ever need to chat regarding endo, you know i’m here for ya. it is a lot to deal with.i totally know what you mean. what made it even harder for me was the fact that nobody really seemed to understand.

  4. Glad you’re feeling better! The road to recovery is always a hard one, mentally and physically (though I feel like the mental part is always harder)but you have a great support system of people around you 🙂

    Looking forward to when the both of you are together travelling (and more blogging!) together.

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