My Name Is Lar and I Work From Home in My Sweatpants

When I was in my early twenties, I thought by now (28) I would be going to work wearing something like this:

I’d be able to afford these beautiful pieces from Shopbop and walk around in killer pumps all day long.

Or if I was really lucky, something like this:

I’ve always secretly (hello, public blog) wanted to be an artist, work in a light-filled studio and get to wear whatever I wanted — and that “whatever I wanted” would be unique to me and beautiful and come from a place of intense creative expression (read: not sweatpants).

Just last year, it wasn’t so bad. I worked in an office (just a few minutes from Cath’s) and wore normal people clothes:

P.S. Cath always wears gorgeous stuff to work, so if you want some more tips on how to dress for an actual office, leave a comment and let her know. Once I work around other people again, I will use her as my guru.

Now this is what I wear (I can’t even show you the whole body shot, out of shame):

You can get your stylish tips from Cath on AsianCajuns because my fashion advice now goes something like this.

Purchase you sweatpants in a variety of colors, so you don’t “accidentally” wear the same pair all week long (err.cough, cough.obviously this has never happened to me). Or how ’bout this. . .

Cold in the morning? Stick your sweatpants on the radiator before you put them on to go to work (i.e. the kitchen table). Nice and toasty bum-bum guaranteed!

Before I moved to Scotland I hadn’t bought a pair of sweatpants since gym class in middle school where they forced you to get a pair in black with a bobcat on it. Rahhh! (Cat claw hand swipe).

Now, I don’t blame my sartorial deterioration on such a fair country. Plenty of ladies look gorgeous traipsing around Edinburgh on the weekdays regardless of how cold and blustery it gets. It is true that they will probably be sitting face to face with something more than a two-month old poinsettia plant during the course of the day (she never makes cracks about the sweat pants or lack of make-up, so we get along). And there’s the key to this whole decline. being alone in my flat 8-10 hours a day means that there is absolutely no one to impress.

Once my husband comes home I can kinda pretend it’s just about pajama time, so it doesn’t really matter that I’m in sweatpants (right, Matteo, right? You lucky devil, you!). And sitting by myself in my kitchen working at my mac all day is really not conducive to a pencil skirt or even skinny jeans or even jeggings (too thin for a cold Scottish flat). Really the only thing that will do is sweatpants.

The End (of being a self-claimed fashionably attired person).

p.s. Please do not feel as if I’m being derogatory toward anyone who prefers to wear sweatpants all day, every day. I sing their praises and have converted completely! In fact, I apologize for not understanding their magnificence sooner.


Hi Cath!

Do you even own a pair of sweatpants? I don’t think I can remember seeing you in a pair since our ballet days.

How was the SuperBowl party? Oh sheesh! I realize that I don’t even know who won. That is easy to do here. Yesterday when I mentioned it someone said “now is that a sporting event or just kind of like a party?” That is a valid question really because I much prefer just the party part. Either way, I hope you guys had fun!

Miss you mucho as usualo!



13 thoughts on “My Name Is Lar and I Work From Home in My Sweatpants”

  1. Lar, you are too silly! I would totally wear sweats all the time if i could. In fact, when i get home from work, the first thing I do is walk straight to my room, strip out of my pencil skirt and work blouse and into a tee and sweats. Remember, I’m the one who bought us each a pair of those Norma Kamali sweats from Walmart. I have no shame!

    Super Bowl party was really fun. I wish you and Matt could have been there. There were so many people that you wouldn’t have even had to watch one minute of the game ;). So the answer to the Brit’s question, “yes!” It’s a game and party.

    Giants won, btw, which was a bit of surprise. It was a really close game which made it fun to watch.

    love and miss you!

    Miss you

  2. i don’t really own any sweatpants either. i do however own yoga pants or running tights which i find it being just as comfy. maybe you should try it 😉

  3. Oh yes. staying at home with a toddler means I have to force myself to get dressed in real clothes almost everyday, but there’s nothing more embarrassing than answering the door to the postman or Mormans in grubby pajamas. Eeeee.


  4. When I go home at the end of a day, I do what Cath does: strip out of nice clothes and into scrubby ones (in my case, usually a hoodie or a ratty sweater I don’t dare wear in public anymore and a pair of pajama pants). No need to be ashamed!

  5. LOL, I totally understand this dress code. I had this trouble when I was in Seoul, when I was working for myself. (Kinda undergoing the same problem now, too.) I solved it by ridding all “comfort” clothes in my wardrobe, so I’m forced to wear real clothes. Ooooorrrr, you just end up replacing sweats with knits, which is sort of the same concept except you look a tad bit nicer, sort of maybe.

  6. I just moved to California and started working from home today. I’ve proclaimed every Monday to be “pajama Monday,” but I have every intention of getting dressed the other 4 days of the work week – we’ll see if I actually do tomorrow. But if I lived someplace cold, I’d have a very difficult time resisting the sweatpants!

  7. Oh this post is so so hilarious. You write so well. All week I wear my glamorous office clothes but as soon as the weekend comes or as soon as I step foot back home, I’m dressed like a hobo — some people have house clothes. I just have pajamas.

  8. haha so true. I went from working full time in an ad agency in a swanky part of town for years to now freelancing. Which means the majority of time, I do work from home. I really look forward to going client meetings and heading into actual offices b/c it means I can pull out the pumps and dresses!

  9. I have dressed casual for my jobs like the last 8 years, then last year, I got a job where I was back to business casual. It made me miss sweats, but we have casual Friday so it is an even balance. I do enjoy dressing up, I haven’t had to shop for a regular pair of work heels in a long time!

    Gosh, I am so behind on your posts, time to catch up! Hope all is well over there!

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