Replace Your Elephants and Donkeys with Ponies and Piglets

Sara, Rianne and I calmed our pre-election nerves by taking a trip to Craigies Farm just a few miles outside of Edinburgh. There’s not much growing in November in Scotland, but we were repeatedly urged to visit the “wee piglets” — ooo how I love a Scottish accent! What is cuter than piglets? Wee piglets! Oh and wee ponies.


Dear Cath,

Aren’t these ponies so cute?! I want a pony AND a piglet!

Matt and I are so out of it today because of staying up until 5 am this morning to hear the returns. So much good news to go to sleep to 😉 : first openly gay senator (also the first female senator in Wisconsin), first female Asian American senator, and more female senators than we’ve ever had in the history of congress. WOOHOO!!!

Can we skype sooooon?!

Piggly Wiggly,


26 thoughts on “Replace Your Elephants and Donkeys with Ponies and Piglets”

  1. OMG, OMG, OMG Those ponies!! Those pigglets! I’m so jealous of your life – even if it means very cold weather and having to stay up until 5 in the morning to watch the election outcome! You take the best photos too 🙂

    Woohoo for more women in the Senate. I have a feeling the amount of women in congress will increase exponentially. It’s only a matter of time.

    Love you and wish I could have been watching CNN with you at the pub last night!

    xoxox, Cath

    1. Cath, we should totalllly skype today. I feel like we haven’t talked in forever (over a week – gahhhh tooooo looonnnnng!)

      1. know what animal i would LOVE TO HAVE??? a baby pygmy goat. i’m so obsessed with them!!! i love how they jump around and spaz out. hahaha! i wish you could potty train them and train them not to eat everything.

        1. I’ve never heard about them, Diane! But apart from the peeing and eating, they sound soooo cute!!! And would look so cute in your photos 😉

    1. Isn’t it terrible that bacon tastes so good? I kept thinking that when I was watching them. Time to switch to vegan bacon, huh? 😉

  2. The wee piglets! I have to show Jared these little guys. He asks me why we can’t get a Royal Dandie or similar. I wish we could. Cute wee piglets.

    The ferns are so pretty too.

    1. Oh my gorsh, Aunt Mare! I’m so with Jared. Royal Dandies are so cute! I do always think about how I would have to become 100% bacon free (and probably vegan) if we ever got a piggie. Sacrifices.
      Also, I think ferns are the only thing that grows in a abundance here. Same in Ireland?

      1. It’s a dilemma. Jared and I do like bacon! It’d be worth it, though, I think.

        Actually, I’m not sure I even saw ferns in Ireland. Maybe out west in Kerry, but there are few natural forests or any really woodsy areas. Lots of lush green fields.

  3. Secret confession: I told Ben that for our next pet, I wanted a weeeeee piggie. He freaked. I think he thought I wanted to raise it to eat. But I think they are the cutest little creatures!

    Thanks for your sweeeeeet comments, too! I am trying to get Ben to start looking for jobs overseas (as in, somewhere in the UK)!

    1. Gahhhh nooooo way, Laura?! For reals?! Not to hint too strongly, but I hear Edinburgh is grand 🙂 And I would totally pig sit for you if you guys were ever out of town!

    1. Just googled — OMG, Diane!!! TOOOO CUTE!!! So much jumpy cuteness!!! I wonder if I could do both: pot belly plus baby pygmy goat ;D

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