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There have only been four episodes of Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom, but I’m already a big fan. I love the wordy, quick-witted characters that I’ve been missing ever since The West Wing ended its seven season run. Then there’s the pretend world of an honorable cable news station that I really wish existed – like a Bartlet presidency. Another reason I’m a fan? The clothes!

There aren’t too many photos showing off the outfits online, so below is a mix of images from the official site and a few screen captures I took. Are you ready for a superficial look at a substantial show? Here goes!

Emily Mortimor’s character takes the (fashion) cake with her uniform of button-up silk shirts, pencil skirts, pumps and simple necklaces. If I had money to buy a brand new work wardrobe these are pieces I would get:

Mortimor wears this gold necklace a lot. I’ve Googled like crazy to find out who makes it, but no luck:
Update 8/25/12: The wonderful people over at Dominque Cohen emailed me to let me know that Mortimor wears their 5 Coin Drop necklace – amongst a few other lovely pieces. Now I’m lusting after her wardrobe even more!

Alison Pill’s character has a pretty similar wardrobe. During one episode both she and Emily Mortimor are wearing similar blouses with small puff sleeves. Pill’s character wears more dresses. My favorite so far is the brown shirt dress she wears during the first episode (below left).

The show also has some really nice – and practical – hairstyles that I want to try if I can manage to wake up early enough before work:

Olivia Munn’s character is a bit more conservative. Her wardrobe so far has mostly consisted of blazers and Roland Mouret-ish dresses.

To round off this post, below are some Newsroom-inspired pieces that you can purchase now:

1. Vince blouse
2. Gap pocket shirt
3. Stella Dot layering necklace
4. J.Crew pump
5. Gorjana layer necklace
6. Banana Republic pencil skirt

Anyone else out there a big Newsroom fan? Have you noticed the clothes too?


Dearest Lar,

I hope The Newsroom becomes popular enough to cross the pond so you can see it. Didn’t the West Wing air in the UK? Do you remember we used to watch West Wing episodes on DVD when we were studying in Scotland?

You only have two more classes and I’ll be done with class in week – and then I’ll be flying over to see you in no time!!

xoxo, Cath

15 thoughts on “Inspired by The Newsroom”

  1. I’m totally hooked on this show; it amazes me how much happens in less than an hour each night it premieres. I dig Allison Pill’s style but every time I see her know I keep hearing her say we are sex bobomb like in Scott Pilgrim.

  2. Oh I love Kitcath! But I have to say I think you look like these lovely ladies already. I love your outfits. I can’t wait to see the show! And youuuu!! Xoxox

  3. Great post but I guess I should be telling you this while we are walking really fast with papers in our hands.

  4. This post is great, not to mention some of the Sorkinisms in the comments above mine are hilarious. I’m not the biggest fan of the portrayal of women on the show, but I will say that they pretty accurately portray how women dress in the real world in comparison to a lot of other shows.

  5. I haven’t seen The Newsroom yet but caught “Political Animals” last Sunday–anyone else see it? Sigourney Weaver was really good as Hillary Clinton–I mean a strong female politician. Her clothes were pretty awesome too. 🙂

  6. I want want want that Vince blouse.

    Also, I agree with Michelle and highly recommend “Political Animals.” It was surprisingly good!

  7. I’ve become a fan of this show, too! I love how effortlessly chic and professional the ladies look. Thank you for posting suggestions on blouses! I’ve been looking for some similar to the ones worn on the show.

  8. Any guesses on where Alison Pill’s dress is from in the Blackout episode? sort of a blue patterned long-sleeved thing, the one she has on in her roommate’s store?

  9. I LOVE Alison Pill’s purple dress that she wears in the finale of Newsroom Season One. Does anyone know who made it??

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