Reader Giveaway: Feiyue Sneaks!

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I love reader giveaways, especially when I can show off the item we’re giving away – like these sneaks!  When Feiyue first got in touch with me I thought, “I’m not a sneakers girl, I’m an impractical heels girl!” Well, that was before I tried these babies on and they fit like a glove. Seriously, I feel like I’m walking on air with these on.

I picked out the vintage style Feiyues and one of you lucky readers has the chance to win a pair!

What is Feiyue, you ask? How do you pronounce it? Well, I’m so glad you asked! Here’s a little story about Feiyue:

Once upon a time, in the beautiful land of China, resided in one of the most famous temples of the country a different kind of monks; the Shaolin Monks. These athletic and agile monks were known for their kung fu fighting skills.
In the 1930’s these same monks along with kung fu masters, were seeking for a robust, flexible and comfortable shoes to wear while training. This is when they found out about a chinese company manufacturing a shoe called FEIYUE (pronounced « Feî-ué »), literally meaning “Flying Forward”.
The renown of the shoe spread out to the rest of the country; flying over the mountains, running down the Yangtz River, passing through the forest and deserts. For decades FEIYUE continued to be popular with hundreds of thousands of shoes manufactured, and sold not only to martial arts practitioners but also to the rest of the population.
Unfortunately, sometimes good stories turn bad, and with the opening up of China, and the associated cultural and economic changes, the sneaker was gradually forgotten and began to lose prominence in China.
So in 2005, Patrice Bastian, a French entrepreneur living in Shanghai, decided to team up with Nicolas Seguy and Clement Fauth – whom also have a interest in urban culture, music, art and travel –  to recreate the brand name with the intention of improving the image and appearance of FEIYUE. In February 2006, they launched the first French-designed FEIYUE collection (new sole, thicker canvas, more styles).
As of today, FEIYUE is sold all over the world which includes countries such as France, UK, Belgium, Spain, Australia, South Africa, and Hong Kong. Last October, the company opened its first flagship store located in the heart of Paris.
In the midst of 2011, the French street style sneaker brand decided to conquer the American Market, offering many Americans’s feet the opportunity to feel comfortable and look nice. Those who adopted the sneakers have been walking and looking happily ever since
The End

Outfit details: Feiyue shoes (of course!), secondhand Brooks Brothers shirt, Target belt, Forever 21 pants, Muji watch.

How to enter: Leave a comment on this post telling me how you’d wear these Feiyues and I’ll pick a winner at random. Unfortunately, if you reside in China or Japan, you can’t apply. Contest ends Sunday at 5 p.m.

Good luck!


33 thoughts on “Reader Giveaway: Feiyue Sneaks!”

  1. Hi AsianCajuns,

    I love your blog and hopefully introduce my nieces to your site when they get a little bit older (currently only 17 months old) since they’re twin hapas too.

    I love wearing white canvas sneakers with my baggy overalls running errands during the weekends.


  2. Haha! Love Laura’s response 😉 And love how you styled these, Kitcath! Just perfect! I wish I had a pair in Scotland. though I’d have to make mine water proof 😉

  3. Hmmm, I’m torn between a white pair and a navy pair. I could use either. I’d probably get the raw white and wear it with some of my casual dresses. Strange I know, but I am thinking of some printed numbers I own that could use the support of white shoes/accessories.

  4. After wearing my Tretorn’s to a shredded mess (2 sad unfortunate tears that turned into turned holes), I’ve been looking for something to fill their void before the spring time comes and those Feiyues look like they’d be a perfect fit!

    I’d wear that pair everywhere! I’d promise to wear them to shreds – walking along a boardwalk somewhere, in a pair of shorts and a light breezy top with a pair of sunglasses to boot! Anywhere and everywhere really!

  5. I would wear these shoes for when I train parkour, as they are very light, and the soles have good grip. I also really like the look of them.

  6. I think they’ll look soo cool with my tan pants, light blue shirt and navy blazer. It will definitely be be the casual avant gard look!
    And yes, by far, Feiyue are the coolest sneakers at present! Let’s get them before they really go mainstream!

    Lots of success!


  7. They’re cute and they look even better on! Love the neon skinny belt too. I definitely would like to get hold of a neon accessory to wear it with pastels in the Spring! Inspired.

  8. My husband has been wearing Feiyue shoes for ages – only, instead of getting them from the French company that licenses the name and added (admitedly cool) colors and more styles, he buys them from the original company that makes them as wushu (martial arts) shoes. Only come in black or white,low top or high, but they are only about $13 on Amazon!

  9. I like them and you wear them perfectly. I’d keep your skinny black ankle pants but probably wear a striped tee with 3/4 length sleeves. They would be perfect for festival work! And perfect for early spring when it’s still too soon for sandals.

  10. Maybe it’s the white but the shoes just scream spring sundress and cardigan to me (with lots of bangles and sunnies)

  11. Hello long time lurker here. I love these shoes, so adorable. I’m not a fashionista like you.but I will probably wear them with my usual jeans and hoodie.

  12. I wear Chuck Taylor’s most weekends so I would just change then out – sundress, maxi dress, cut off jeans shorts with a chambray shirt, white skirt with a striped boatneck

    love them!

  13. I love those shoes! I, too, would probably be pretty boring. Maybe with shorts or jeans. Reading about how creative you ladies are with your style inspires me to be less boring!

  14. I normally would wear these with jeans and a button up shirt. Or, as a summertime outfit, with a whimsical flowered dress.

  15. Well I would probably wear them with my skinny jeans and agnes scott usual outfit during school. These shoes would be lovely for talking that loonnnnnngggg walk from Avery Glen to campus ;P

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