Scottish Sheep

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Thanks to Lisa and Betsy for pointing out that my lovely sheep sweater is a remake of one Princess Di wore. It makes me love it that much more!


One of my favorite purchases from my trip to Scotland. It’s not really my style (i.e. cutesy, not black, patterned, and not appropriate for work), but I fell in love with it when I saw it at a little shop in Edinburgh. Every time I wear it I think of Scotland and the cold, blustery day Lar and I went shopping. I can’t remember the name of the shop where I bought the sweater, but I remember the guy working behind the counter was super sweet. . . and dressed exactly like Captain Jack Sparrow – I kid you not!

I feel it’s unfair to name a post “Scottish Sheep,” without including a photo of the incredibly cute Blackface Highland:


Gah! Look at their wittle faces! And there’s millions of them in the highlands – easily outnumbering the human population in Scotland.  See why I love Scotland so much? And why Lar moved there against my wishes? And why I can’t blame her for it?

Outfit details: sweater from a shop in Edinburgh, H&M black turtleneck, Blank cords, and H&M boots.

I’ve got to be honest that the two times I’ve worn this sweater out in public in the states I’ve gotten some stares. Apparently a 28 year old wearing an over-sized sweater with a sheep pattern isn’t typical. It felt so normal when I bought it in Scotland (they’re more into patterns there). Maybe I’ll try wearing it with this black mini to make it more grown up, less cutesy. Then again, maybe I should just embrace the cute factor. I mean, I did use baby talk in this post – eesh!


Dearest Lar,

What was the name of that shop? I can’t believe I can’t remember it. All I can remember is that it had a name that made it sound teeny-boper-like. Have you been back since we went last month? Is Captain Jack Sparrow still working there?

I hate that you’re sick! Make sure you’re eating enough. Even if you have to skip the cleanse for a few days until you’re feeling better. Hell, go crazy and eat a cookie! Maybe it’ll make you feel better – as long as it’s gluten free 🙂



22 thoughts on “Scottish Sheep”

  1. dying over the picture of the sheep, I would love to have a little lamb one day but only if it stayed small! I’m right up in age with you and think your sweater is awesome!!

  2. Awww Kitcath you look awesome in that sweater!!! I do forget how cutsie they like stuff here, but you make it totally work for you!
    The shop was called (and this probably why you forgot it) Hoochie Coochie.
    They do have have a website and you can link your sweater right to the jumper page – yours is on it:
    And Jack Sparrow does still work there! I saw him just the other day when I was passing by. Sometimes he has a lady friend with him who wears a tutu.

    I missss you muchooooo!!! I did break down and have some 70% dark chocolate this weekend 😉

    Can’t wait to see you on skypie!


  3. This sweater is adorable! I wish they sold it here–you modernize it with leggings & boots. My mom actually had the exact same sweater in red when I was growing up, and she copied it from one that Princess Diana wore!

    1. Lisa also pointed out that Princess Di had a similar one – that’s so awesome. I had no idea! Did your mom keep her sweater? I love it in red!

  4. I like the sweater very much, particularly the single black sheep among the white. Also, in the event of a sleepless night, you could count them.

    1. Ha! We can be hypocritical together. Lamb is delicious and I just pretend they’re not cute sheep beforehand!

      1. i know right. i never would eat them before because of their cuteness.but then 24 years later my husband made me try a bite. i love it ever since. and i try to make it okay by thinking that if i was a dead animal i’d want someone to eat me so i wasn’t killed for no reason.

        does that make sense??? hahaha

  5. Is it wrong that seeing those sheep just makes me think of MY favorite sheep, Sean the Sheep? Oh Sean and his shenanigans!

    Nothing wrong with your cute sweater – this coming from a gal who sometimes walks her dog while wearing a large sweatshirt covered with drawings of dogs (I got it at UO, so it’s hip, right?)

    1. Uh, yeah, a UO sweatshirt with a drawing of dogs is totally hip! And I love Sean the Sheep. I would totally wear a Sean the Sheep hoodie!

  6. Hi,
    Betsy’s mom here.wish I had kept the sweater!! I loved it, but I am a habitual cleaner, so I am sure it is gone!
    Can’t believe she remembered it! Too cute. You look darling in it!!

  7. Haha Omigod! I would completely wear this. And probably well into my 30s. What a cute perfect little souvenir! And how amazing that Princess Di wore a similar one (and made it look extremely chic)!

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