Our Flat in Paris- ooo la la!

I know a lot of you well-traveled readers know about Airbnb already, but isn’t it fantastic? Cath used it last year when she went to L.A. for vacay. Matt and I used it when we first got to Scotland — we needed a temporary home for two weeks and a hotel was too pricey. And we turned to Airbnb for our recent trip to gorgeous lovely Paris.

Airbnb works two ways: you either rent an entire flat/apartment/house from someone or you rent a room and stay with your host. I know both of those options can sound sketchy. Staying in someone’s house, with their things? Or with them? Strangers?! Airbnb is based on trust, testimonials and reviews. And so far the system has worked really well. I know it might still sound sketchy, but that’s why I wanted to mention it here, and to show you some pics of the flat we stayed at in Paris.

(Those are linen sheets on the beds — ooo lala indeed!):

Don’t you love this chair I’m sitting on? I wanted to take it back with me, but it didn’t fit in my carry-on:

All our Airbnb hosts have always been super-informative about where to eat, how to get around, and provided us with clean and beautiful places to stay. Mark, our Paris host, left us with maps and detailed information on how to get to the grocery stores and use the washing machine. On top of that, his flat was just as beautiful as the photos we saw online (the photos in this post with the airbnb watermark are Mark’s) and Mark himself was such a sweet guy — we can’t wait to go back and stay at his flat again!

He even had fancy diptyque room spray in all the rooms:

There was a gorgeous back patio that looks like this in the summer (it was too chilly to use in December):

But still beautiful, with herbs in pots and lanterns with candles:

Cath blended right in:

Have you guys ever used Airbnb? We’re thinking about trying it for London, but they are a bit pricier there (i.e. the same cost as a hotel). Tell us your stories too!

p.s. Thanks you guys for all the encouragement about our new “diet” plans and all the helpful tips! I’ll let you know how we’re feeling in a few weeks time.


Dear Kitcath,

Doesn’t it feel like we were in Paris together months ago? It’s been just about a month now- booo, too long!

I hope you have a really awesomely relaxed weekend — you so deserve it after the crazy, busy, stressful week you’ve had.

Oh, I’m still on my CSD cleanse even with this cold, but I’m doing more raw rather than cooked veggies. Something about uncooked spinach going down a sore throat makes the soul go cold, doesn’t it?

Love you!


p.s. I added this photo to our About page:

14 thoughts on “Our Flat in Paris- ooo la la!”

  1. It seems like even longer than a month! I need to see my sis again!
    Wasn’t Mark the best? I seriously do want to stay in that same flat next time we got to Paris.
    Love that photo of us in front of the Merci car – what are we looking at? I can’t remember.
    Please take care of yourself on your cold. If you’re hungry – eat something! Making soups and cooking veggies should not be cheating!
    love you! xoxo, kitcath

  2. HOLY CRAP! This apartment is seriously sooooo much better than any hotel room I’ve seen in Paris. I’m definitely going to be hitting it up the next time I’m there. though I don’t foresee me going there anytime soon.

  3. Wow, actually I have not heard about Airbnb before – thanks for mentioning this! The flat looks gorgeous – and it must be nice coming back to a real home place instead of some little hotel room.

  4. My friends and I are using VRBO to rent a condo when we go to Puerto Rico next month. I’m sooo excited!! We tried to get a condo through Airbnb, but the owner was frustratingly non-responsive. Then would come back later to tell us the place was available and THEN NOT RESPOND AGAIN. Even though her condo was definitely larger and the better choice, we went with the VRBO guy because he’s been super reliable.

  5. I have never heard of airbnb until now! and I have been exploring their site! oh gracious! I am so excited to book through them even though I don’t plan to go anywhere soon. Now I feel like I definitely have to. The flat you stayed in looks gorgeous. 🙂

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  6. Holy cow! Airbnb looks like it was an awesome idea. The flat in Paris was such an awesome find. I’ll definitely be noting this down for future reference!

  7. Oooooh you’re the second person I’ve heard of to use that site. A couple friends from Hawaii came to visit and stayed at a wonderful apartment with a beautiful view of the bay. It does sound a little sketch, but I’m still tempted to try

  8. wow this place sounds amazing. Love the garden room. I rented a flat too when I was in paris but it was through a travel rental place. I have rented vacation homes and cottages before direct from owners so I guess this isn’t that different.

  9. Ooooooh la la! How gorgeous and glamorous! Adette (another Tinsel & Twine “sister wife) and I ran away to Paris for our birthdays a couple of weeks ago. We stayed in a lovely (and quite quirky) AirBnB in the Latin Quarter. Our host was an amazing and very French dame and her adorable husband. We had a blast. Le sigh.

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