Going to the Courthouse

The big day has arrived!! As promised, I wanted to do a quick post before all the craziness starts. There’s still so much that needs to be done.

I forgot to mention this in the last post, but Lar and Matt became legally married on Wednesday. They got their marriage license at the oh-so-romantic DeKalb County Courthouse. Look, the courthouse is also a fallout shelter!

I don’t think the marriage will really feel official until the ceremony today. Matt and Lauren are still saying things like “This is my fiancรฉ, I mean wife/husband.” I think it’s so sweet. Gah. Listen to me getting all sentimental!

Here’s where they officially became married – in a hallway of the courthouse, by a judge with a stack of marriage license in his hands. It happened so fast that I had to run over and snap a quick pic in less that 5 seconds. Did I mention how romantic the whole thing was?

To celebrate the trip to the courthouse, we had a few drinks afterwards at Leon’s. There was a rake by the bocce ball court so I made Lar and Matt recreate American Gothic. Their version is a little bit happier and slightly more indie – I think Grant Wood should have used them as models for his original painting.

Lar’s dress is from Squash Blossom Boutique in Decatur, shoes are Nine West and the cardi is vintage. My mom made the beautiful flower arrangement and boutineer.

I promise this will be the last wedding post with amateur photos. The talented Aharon Hill will be taking photos from here on out.

By the time I post again, Lar and Matt will be on their honeymoon!

31 thoughts on “Going to the Courthouse”

  1. Oh I am soooo happy for Lar and Matt! I so love that last photo, it’s so lovely. I can definitely see the love and hope that the big day went well!! It’s definitely weird being a long time reader and sort of following their journey, I feel so proud!!

  2. This is ridiculous but I felt a little teary when I saw Lar and Matt all married and husband and wife and stuff. Awww my goodness. Congratulations to them and I hope you don’t miss your sis too much, Cath ๐Ÿ™‚

    OH AND I ADORE that bouquet and the dress and everything.

  3. Lar! Judge Stephens married you?! I went all through grade and high school with his son!
    Small world! All my love, Katie

  4. Your posts always make me so happy! It’s a great break from the normal toil of office work. Lar looks incredibly happy and what a beautiful flower arrangement! Congrats!

  5. aww they made such a nonromantic task seem so fun and lively! congrats again Lar+Matt! ๐Ÿ™‚ cannot wait for the official wedding photos!


  6. Congrats to Lar and Matt! The American Gothic photo made me smile–it’s just so in the spirit of the Asian Cajuns to do something like that lol.

  7. Congrats Lar and Matt! You guys look like you had a beautiful ceremony and I wish you all the best! I have to ask though, where did Lar get that gorgeous pyramid stud bag?

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