Wearing Boots on the Beach

How was everyone’s Christmas? Lar and I had a great week. Spending the holiday on Tybee Island with family and friends is pretty much as good as it gets – delicious home cooked meals, great company, daily frolicing on the beach and three crazy dogs running around non-stop.

Lar and the rest of the gang are still in Tybee. Troy and I only stayed for a few days because we both had to get back to work this week, hurumph. We took a couple of photos at the beach on our last day. It was cold and windy, but Wheatie didn’t seem to mind.

I’ll leave you with this pic of my Simply Bags bag because I love how it fit right into the scenery at Tybee (you can see Lar’s Simply Bags bag being attacked by alligators here). Is it weird that it makes me giddy when my bags match my vacation?

Once Lar gets back to Atlanta with her camera, we’ll have a lot more fun photos to show off from the trip and some super exciting news that I won’t give away, but here’s a hint, it rhymes with schmen-schmagment.

20 thoughts on “Wearing Boots on the Beach”

  1. I’m at work too but it’s more like “work”: everybody is on holiday, I’ve already tied up the loose ends with my projects at my current job, and I’m just counting down the days until my new job begins. Are you really busy in the office, Cath, or is it more “work” than work like it is with me? πŸ™‚ In any case, I hope you have a great NYE.

    1. Usually a slow week like this would be more like “work,” but I have a HUGE project coming up that is taking up all my time. So unfortunately I’ve been doing nothing but real work this week. Sounds like your work week is going a lot better than mine πŸ™‚

  2. Personally I’d way prefer to wear boots to the beach than sandals.less sand between the toes. Btw, I love red coats, and you look fabulous in yours! =)

  3. Three dogs?! You lucky lucky girl. But boo to having to go back to work so soon. Your Christmas sounds wonderful. I hope you ladies have some fun NY Eve plans lined up.

  4. that looks like such a nice location to be at. thanks for sharing these photos. love the outfit.
    i spent christmas with my family – and now im visiting my boyfriend and his parents&friends. then back to our apartment in a few days.
    hope you’re having a wonderful week darlings


  5. ohhhh your making me miss the cruise i just got back from!!!! oh how i’d love to be back at the beach again!!! and a schmen-schmagment?!?!?! i can’t wait to hear all about it and SEE the evidence!!!

    happy new year ladies!!!

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