How to Wear a Mega Scarf

The ultra-talented designers over at Epidemik Coalition have wowed us with their t-shirt design in the past. They’ve recently expanded their design know-how to luxurious silk scarves. Check out their shop We Are the Process here.

They asked that we show you a few ways to wear these beautiful scarves, and we gladly obliged (you guys already know how much I love silky drape-y things).

Look how gorgeous and large this thing is- it’s practically eating Cath. And just $35? A great prezie for yourself or a friend.



A classic, and probably the way we will usually wear this mega scarf.


I did the more expected triangle fold tied around my neck (fold in half, corner to corner and knot under top layer in front or back of neck):


I love how Cath has her’s just draped around her neck so that it peaks out of the bottom of her blazer:



Wearing your scarf out at night? Cath wrapped it around her American Apparel dress and accessorized with red.




This is a diluted version of the bunny ears/oversized bows inspired by the Louis Vuitton Fall 09 runway (see here). I took the Frenchiness a step further with a stripped tee from H&M and a skirt from AA.



Come summer I hope to use it as a sarong-like top. In the meantime, Cath and I came up with some other. errr. awesomely creative ways to wear the mega scarf:


Ladies and gents (I like a man in a scarf- even if it’s silk) alike, how would you wear the mega scarf?

45 thoughts on “How to Wear a Mega Scarf”

  1. cute girls, I love the one on the head! Also, I’m putting up a new post soon and I need your assistance! I’ve got to figure out what to wear for New Years, so stay tuned!!

  2. I love when people can read my mind! This was great and just the tips I needed. I am always so stuck when it comes to creative ideas on how to wear a scarf. Love the around the waist idea!


  3. It looks like you two had so much fun with this! I have a bunch of mega scarves but I need to experiment with wrapping styles. I love the pieces you both paired with them too.
    Thanks for the Rodarte preview below — I might have to head over to that Target if it’s not too crazy this weekend!

  4. Haha you girls are too cute 🙂 I would definitely try to make a cute dress, or make a boat neck top by tying the ends together or sewing up the sides or something

  5. I have a few mega-esque scarves that I’ve always been mystified on how to wear, honestly. This is helpful. FOR SURE.


  6. On another note, have you tried scarf clips? My mum had a book from the 70’s on how to use one, and I want to steal it the next time I’m back home in San Diego. (Along with her vintage scarf clip. Shaped like a brooch with a circular loop on the back and clips into place like a clip on earring.)

  7. thanks for this! it seems ridiculous, but I have the hardest time figuring out something cute to do with these things. really love it with the blazer!


  8. gorgeous girls! and what an great post. so inspirational. i love it as a bow in hair.
    your blog is fantastic.
    have a great day and weeeeeekend. xxxxxxx ediot

  9. Aw you girls are too cute in that animated gif! I love the way you did the oversized LV hair bow- so playful and fun! I also love how Cath pulled the scarf down under the blazer! Hope you’re having a great weekend! xo, Mel

  10. I’ll leave the “playing” to you girls and keep wearing my scarves with a blazer! Or in my hair for those days when I’m too lazy to wash it.

    Adorable pictures as usual! xo

  11. That scarf is beautiful! And what fun ways to style them. 🙂 You two are just the cutest ever. Hope you are having a lovely Monday. 4 more days till Christmas! Woo hoo.

    Love & Aloha, Sharon

  12. Scarves are awesome, no? You can totally wrap them around your faces in case you need to rob a bank too.

    ps. The Rose Bowl Flea is one of those things I’ve yet to scratch off my list.

    pps. Having two sets of twins comment in one post is pretty amazing isn’t it? I wonder what the odds of that really are.

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