One Blazer, Two Ways, Kind Of


So while Lar and I were in NOLA I did what all the locals do and went shopping at Urban Outfitters. I know, I know, it’s shameful to go to a chain store when you’re traveling, but in this case I’m so glad I did because I found the best blazer on the sales rack. It’s a thin, silk, double breasted, black blazer with slim-cut arms. I love how it makes every outfit look pulled together. Since it has been a little chilly in Atlanta, I’ve been wearing it with everything.

Exhibit 1:


U.O. blazer, U.O. tshirt, Blank cords from Rockit and Payless boots.


The necklace I’m wearing is one I bought for Lauren on our birthday from a local salon. It’s a mix of silver, gray and black chains hooked together.

Exhibit B:


U.O. blazer, Anthropologie blouse, Bitten by SJP jeans and secondhand boots.


It’s no Brooks Brother suit, but I think this blazer is pretty alright. I’m sure I’ll wear it out before the season is over.

36 thoughts on “One Blazer, Two Ways, Kind Of”

  1. let’s hear it for blazers! h&m has the coolest sequined one I’ve ever seen.and I’m not really big on sequins! But you ladies did a GREAT job with that one and I LOVE the jewelry!

  2. That blazer is excellent. You’ll get so much use out of it. Also, I actually kind of agree with Jentine ^^. I too believe that some chain stores still end up with a degree of variability.

  3. I love that you are wearing a necklace that you bought for your sister! LOL!
    You look extremly well put together and, lets face it, super hot in that first outfit.

  4. I love the outfits; the first is my absolute favorite, and I love the purple beneath the blazer in the second.

  5. Hi there-thats a fabulous buy, its so great when you purchase a piece and it fits like a glove, whether its thrifted or shop bought, its still a treasure-well done!

  6. I sometimes feel like shopping at UO is cheating myself at truly unique finds, so I try to avoid it when I can. I won’t deny they have some great pieces. Blazers are just wonderful creations. Especially ones that fit as well as that one does on you!

  7. the urban in the french quarter kicks some major tail. so much better than the one at lenox, i have a heart attack when i go in there shame in that girls!

  8. oooh! I love that blazer! It’s classy and lends an “edgy” aspect to your outfits. I love that first one. It doesn’t really look like your usual style, but it still looks fabulous!

  9. i agree with jentine above.they may have a different selection;) love the outfit! i have that anthropologie top, too, but in gray. don’t u just love the twist front detail and the bonus comfiness??

  10. Oooh I love this blazer! And you wear it so well! I’m guilty of visiting chain shops when I travel too but sometimes I find the best treasures there. That necklace you bought for Lar, is perfect, I just love the mix.

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