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Am I Bridezilla-ing?

Lar: shirt, thrifted Ella Moss; belt, J.Crew; dress worn as skirt, local boutique; boots, Frye; Earrings and Necklace, c/o June Shin

So I look pretty demure and anti-bridezilla in the photo, right? But I’m worrying that I’m drifting into dangerous territory. What exactly constitutes bridezilla status anyways? For instance, hypothetically speaking, if one were to have one’s ceremony in a private library, would you think said hypothetical bride would earn her zilla stars by wanting all the books the same color. (Oooo that sounds a lot worse in print than it did in my head- I mean, in her head). It sounds a bit “painting the roses red,” doesn’t it? Okay, okay. now what if the Queen of Hearts actually painted her own damn roses. That’s less dictatorial, right? Much more “of the people.” (If you answered “no” then <cough>Off With Your Head!<cough>).

Well call me the Queen of Bridezillas. I’m covering all the damn books in the library in recycled white-ish paper. And I can prove I’m being Queen of the Zillas because I just said “I’m covering all the damn books” when the truth is my mom is doing a lot of the grunt work. I’ve covered about 10 books, she’s covered a couple of shelves (including Shakespeare’s complete works).

See those uncovered, <gasp> colorful books in the photo below? Gone! Get rid of them! I don’t want to see another ostentatious, ebullient display of saturated kaleidoscopic spine-hood!!!

Here’s another example of my Zilla stats: bow-ties. I’m making my menfolk wear bow-ties. And not the preppy kind with plaids or palm trees on them – or anything else they might like. They have to wear what I want <stomps foot>. I ordered these charming clip-ons from Etsy’s vintage section. Aren’t they dapper? Well, aren’t they? F*&% yeah, they are.

Oh and, Boo Radley, I don’t care how many times you decide to back out of your ring-bearer duties (or out of the picture frame while I’m trying to shoot you), you are gonna be in the wedding if I have to get Cesear Milan to lead you down the aisle himself! Oh, and  don’t forget, I’m gonna put a ruffly paper collar on you too. Yeah, that’s right. Ruffles.

Oh and this Bride is telling all her bridesmaids (a.k.a. Cath) that they have to wear Manolos. Anything else and you have to stand outside during the ceremony. You aren’t coming near me in anything less than $550 shoes. (Erm, just in case my sarcasm isn’t reading so great here, Cath actually found these gorgeous Manolo Blahniks for 30 DOLLARS at a local consignment shop called Finders Keepers!!! For realzzzz! Oh and my Diane von Furstenberg shoes are courtesy of Shopbop for $50. Ooo yeahhh).



An Engagement Watch and Wedding Beer

Photo courtesy of Pam the Nomad Photography

I Think Men Should Wear Engagement Jewelry Too
I bought Matt an engagement watch which he wears all the time now- le swoon! I did this because 1) I felt kind of cheesy getting a big fabulous gift and not getting him anything and 2) (and this is probably supposed to be the more important driving force) I like us being in this together- this engagement bit. It never made sense to me that just a woman would wear a ring to say “hey! I’m off the shelf, lads. On to the next.” and her man would just walk around like nothing has changed (except his checking or saving account has dwindled). But at the same time, I didn’t like the idea that once we were married, Matt would have to wear a stack of rings on his finger (love the stacked look on the ladies, and sometimes on Keith Richards, but generally I don’t like bejeweled man hands). So I thought, “what is round and manly and can be worn everyday – apart from from a diadem? Why a watch, of course!” (Now that I’m thinking about it, Matt might have preferred the diadem but those are much harder to find these days).

I know about as much about watches as I do about rings. So I made a blind-ish stab in the dark. I knew he wanted something metal and rectangular, and I wanted something more James Bond than Inspector Gadget. So I found this (see photo above) Jacques Lemans watch. Voila! Now we both have things that say “we’re engaged!” Or at least mine does and his says the time . and glows in the dark, and is scratch resistant sapphire, and probably will do the dishes for you if you ask it.

What do you guys think about this idea? I know an engagement ring is placed on the left hand fourth finger because supposedly there is a vein that leads to your heart (don’t all your fingers?), but the watch has got the whole darned artery covered. Watch 1, ring 0.

Also, wouldn’t it be nice to have a new tradition that couples can do if like Carrie Bradshaw and my friend Dexin, you don’t wear rings. And once we get it together and legalize gay marriage, we can have men getting down on one knee and opening a watch box in front of their beloved at fancy restaurants everywhere. How could we not want more of that? How could Rolex and Omega not want more of that?

Speaking of more stuff.

Design by AsianCajun Design (click that link to get to my portfolio site if you guys are interested).

I’m Not Alone on Working on Wedding Stuffs
Thank gawd! I don’t see this wedding shindig as just “my day” and all about “me, me, me.” I think it’s definitely about Matt and I, and it’s also about our families getting to share this day with us with our teeny ceremony. I’m so magnanimous aren’t I? Muahahaha! Little do they know that I’m sharing “my day” because that way, I don’t have to do all the work for it <again, cue evil cackling>. No, seriously, I don’t think it’s just about me, AND I’m also uber excited not to be doing all the work.

In addition to organizing the paperwork and honeymoon plans, Matt (with the help of his wonderful brother) are brewing us our very own wedding beer! Huzzah! I worked up a beer label last night (see above). It’s a work-in-progress, but squint your eyes and imagine it wrapped around a deliciously cold brown bottle. Yum! Go, Crane brothers! (p.s. Crane might or might not be my new last name soon- I can’t decide! More on that later). Beer!

– – – – – – – –

This weekend Cath and I have a full schedule of dim summing (Happy Chinese New Year) and superbowling, but I might fit in some more wedding plans. Step #1, figure out plans because wedding is less than two months away.

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend ahead!

Instead of Jordan Almonds I’m Gonna Have Homemade Poptarts

Another perk to doing the just-short-of-elopement-size-wedding? I can afford a little more than sugared almonds for my guests’ favors. A few weeks ago I was browsing on Scoutmob’s site and came across Queen of Tarts. Well, actually I came across the words “homemade poptarts.” And a little internet research and much drooling later, I knew there was a reason to have a wedding (apart from the marriage bit), really really really good food.

So I called up the Queen of Tarts herself, and a few days later she delivered a delicious package of poptarts for me to try out – in the name of wedding research of course. Listen to this list of flavors: brandied cherry and ganache, ruby red (grapefruit) and vanilla, prosecco soaked fig with brie, port poached pear, hazelnut chocolate, apple tartin, blueberry and lemon. I thought, better not “risk” it. I better try them all. Again, for the sake of my guests. So I did what any decent (good, valiant, hungry) bride would do, and tried all of them. All. Of. Them.

I wasn’t alone in my careful, methodical approach to determining which flavors are best. I called in a team of experts:

Here’s what I decided. Forget the guests (sorry, guys!). I’m keeping these pastry goodies for myself. In exchange, you guys can take my dresses. I don’t plan to fit into them if I continue down Homemade Tart Lane for the next couple of weeks. C’est la vie. When it comes down to it, as much as I love fashion, I could (mayyyybe) live without it. I can’t live without delicious, heaven-sent food.

Do you want some too, readers? I believe the Queen ships her goodies stateside from Atlanta (sorry, international readers. I’d love to send you some!). To get in touch with her, just send her a message on her Queen of Tarts facebook page. A box of six tarts is just $19. Believe me, it’s a steal of a deal-iciousness.

– – – – – – – – – –

Oh, and guys! Thanks so so much for all your help picking out Cath’s maid-o-honor gown. #2 it is! We hear you loud and clear. We loved reading all your comments. We’ll show you how we end up customizing it!

Help Us Choose Cath’s Maid of Honor Dress!!!

So this whole low-key wedding/elopement involves a surprising bit of event planning. I know most of you are like “well durrr, Lar, we could have told you that.” but I think part of me thought I could get away with just doing the fun stuffs: making some simple decor, eat some cake, buy a dress(es), etc. Oooo how wrong I’ve been!

Luckily Cath’s dress is on the fun side of the planning, and having you guys help us out will make it all the more awesome.

A little background for you:
I want Kitcath to be comfortable and as the atmosphere will be very relaxed and informal, we aren’t talking ball gown, but a spring/summer cocktail dress. The images below are the inspiration: vintage, washed out colors, relaxed cut, something she can wear again – for reals (I’m completely blanking on the sources for these images, if they are yours, let me know!).

Exhibit A:
From Modcloth, it’s a dusky dusky champagne pink with some interesting pleating going on at the bodice.

Exhibit B:
Also from Modcloth, this dress is a more coral pink. We would accessorize it with a sash and some flowers and a not black bra.

Exhibit C:
Our last contender is from Madewell, it needs some steaming because the crinkles distract from the details on this dress. Cath would probably have get it taken in around her ribs too so it was quite so billowy on top. It’s a dusky gray/lavender in person.

So which one will it be?! Let us know which is your favorite and why by leaving a comment.

This is totally like Say Yes to The Dress, minus the drama and the money and the overly emotional family members. Win, win, win!

Thanks for your help, guys! We can’t wait to read what you think!

Two Things I Never Thought I’d Do: Wear Polka Dots, Get Married

Dress, thrifted via Ramona West; Sweater, Rockit Boutique in Decatur; Necklace, J.Crew; Flower pin (on necklace), “borrowed” from a past ballet costume; Boots, Target.

So here it goes, guys – wedding news! Please, tell me when you get bored. I know I’m not the first person/bride (ack! I’m a bride? That sounds so wrong to me) to feel this way, but hearing what you guys have to say about it has been so helpful and supportive. Thank you, thank you!

– – – – – –

After much debate and a few tears (of frustration), we have decided to. elope! Well, more like “elope” (I do air quotes whenever I’m explaining this in person). And air-quotes-elope actually means “a reallllly teeny tiny wedding.”

We knew it would be too hurtful to not invite our immediate family to our elopement, and we really do want them there! And then we also realized we didn’t have much money. So “eloping” with the family in tow to Barbados or Ulaanbatar or Cyprus was out of the question. So, we are getting married at my parents’ house. In fact, we are having the ceremony in the room where I take my outfit photos (see above). Really! And it’s not a big room, but it just might fit Matt and I and our parents and siblings.

In my dream of dreams, I would have a big gorgeous party for everyone I know and love: lots of cake and delicious food, dancing, sparklers, people carried around on divans or elephants. fountains. you know, the works. We would make Carnival in Italy during the 18th century look like a modest soiree. But because I can’t afford that ever, I will hope that everyone will forgive me for having such a teeny, intimate shindig.

We will have a ceremony, a professional photographer, and food shipped in for the fam the day-of. So in some ways we are like a legit wedding wedding, but I still prefer to think of it as an elopement because it will be so small and not include all of our loved ones.

Most of the decor will be DIY. You might be wondering, does a teeny wedding/elopement need decor? Well, no. But that is the most exciting part of the preparations to me! I’m hoping to style this thing like mad and get some really good pics to share with you all. I want to create an ambiance that makes it feel like we are in fact running off to some place exotic. Cross your fingers that it looks like a bohemian French farm house, rather than the ATL (I love me some Atlanta, but not for an “elopement” – please).

Okay- I’m off to bed before I babble your ears (eyes) off with all this talk. Again, thanks for all the supportive and uber-helpful comments about this daunting process.

Oh! And I will definitely post one of the two dresses soon (the second one will be a surprise until the day-of). I plan to wear the surprise dress during the ceremony, and the other for the rest of the day. Why? Because I can! Muah hahahaha!

How Martha Stewart Would Look if She Were AsianCajun

On Lar: sweater, Lands End; tee, Michael Stars; jeans, Madewell; boots, Frye
On Cath: button-up, Zara; jeans, Madewell; boots, Frye; necklace, Rockit Boutique in Decatur

Don’t these aprons look very Martha? Our mom gave us all lovely white aprons for Christmas. Next trend in fashion: aprons as day wear sans the ironic statement about being a feminist and looking like a 1950s housewife. Wear with boots and jeans instead of nip-waist dresses!


Oh, and can I just say, you guys are the most awesome readers/commenters!!! Thank you so much for all the sweet words in the last post. Matt is the most wonderful person in the world, and one day soon I will introduce him properly on AsianCajuns (not just as that guy with the mustache).

So, do you want to hear about the wedding plans? I have two options for you: 1)Eloping! Or. 2) a courthouse ceremony! Yeah, I know. everyone  has told me those are crappy ideas. It’s not that I don’t like a pretty dress and creamy delicious cake as much as the next person, but weddings scare me. Big time. So, you know, I was kind of hoping to skip that part.

Tomorrow I’m actually having a pow-wow with Cath and the ‘rents to try to work out something that doesn’t involve a courthouse clerk, but not so big or stressful that I break out in hives. But don’t fret, I’m not completely inept at all things wedding. For instance, shoes. Shoes I can do. And shoes I have done. It’s one of three things that I have figured out about the *gulp* wedding, and I’m in love. What do you guys think?

Diane von Furstenberg via Shopbop.