Instead of Jordan Almonds I’m Gonna Have Homemade Poptarts

Another perk to doing the just-short-of-elopement-size-wedding? I can afford a little more than sugared almonds for my guests’ favors. A few weeks ago I was browsing on Scoutmob’s site and came across Queen of Tarts. Well, actually I came across the words “homemade poptarts.” And a little internet research and much drooling later, I knew there was a reason to have a wedding (apart from the marriage bit), really really really good food.

So I called up the Queen of Tarts herself, and a few days later she delivered a delicious package of poptarts for me to try out – in the name of wedding research of course. Listen to this list of flavors: brandied cherry and ganache, ruby red (grapefruit) and vanilla, prosecco soaked fig with brie, port poached pear, hazelnut chocolate, apple tartin, blueberry and lemon. I thought, better not “risk” it. I better try them all. Again, for the sake of my guests. So I did what any decent (good, valiant, hungry) bride would do, and tried all of them. All. Of. Them.

I wasn’t alone in my careful, methodical approach to determining which flavors are best. I called in a team of experts:

Here’s what I decided. Forget the guests (sorry, guys!). I’m keeping these pastry goodies for myself. In exchange, you guys can take my dresses. I don’t plan to fit into them if I continue down Homemade Tart Lane for the next couple of weeks. C’est la vie. When it comes down to it, as much as I love fashion, I could (mayyyybe) live without it. I can’t live without delicious, heaven-sent food.

Do you want some too, readers? I believe the Queen ships her goodies stateside from Atlanta (sorry, international readers. I’d love to send you some!). To get in touch with her, just send her a message on her Queen of Tarts facebook page. A box of six tarts is just $19. Believe me, it’s a steal of a deal-iciousness.

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Oh, and guys! Thanks so so much for all your help picking out Cath’s maid-o-honor gown. #2 it is! We hear you loud and clear. We loved reading all your comments. We’ll show you how we end up customizing it!

15 thoughts on “Instead of Jordan Almonds I’m Gonna Have Homemade Poptarts”

  1. What a wonderful idea! I may need to get married again just so I can have breakfast at the reception. and buy a new dress of course.

    Also, definitely checking out Queen of Tarts next time I am in the city!!

  2. I’ve never ever ever had poptarts before. Ever. But when I hear the word, I can only think of America. Your lucky wedding guests. Edible wedding favours is a definitely win.

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