Cath’s in Seattle!

Hi Lovely Readers!

Cath and Troy are here all weekend! We’ve been painting the town red (eating and eating and eating). So please forgive us if things go quiet here this coming week. We’re planning lots of fun posts after we eat ourselves silly.

In the meantime, we’ll instagramming (click here for Cath and here for Lar) and Snapchatting (AsianCajunsCath and AsianCajunsLar) frequently.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend too!



3 thoughts on “Cath’s in Seattle!”

  1. love love loved looking at both of ya’lls pics on le ‘gram! It looks like you had a wonderful time 🙂

    PS– I am going to be in Seattle in a couple months. Any food and interesting sights I have to see?

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