I’m Grateful for Anti-Hauls!

Confession: I’m a YouTube beauty junkie. I love watching makeup tutorials, vlogs from my favorite You Tubers, and makeup hauls. The tricky thing about watching these types of videos? It makes me want to buy, buy, buy! The latest foundation from It Cosmetics? I must have it! The new Tarte eye palette? Yes please! A ridiculously expensive and unnecessary Hourglass powder trio? Gimme!!!

My YouTube love does NOT help my attempts to become more minimal. At least it didn’t until I discovered Kimberly Clark’s Anti-Haul videos.

She creates highly entertaining videos about why she isn’t going to buy a certain product. I find them equally as addictive as makeup haul videos, except I don’t leave them feeling like I need to spend every last penny at Sephora.

So, if you’ve never seen Kimberly’s videos, happy Wednesday, my friends:

3 thoughts on “I’m Grateful for Anti-Hauls!”

  1. How have I never heard of Kimberly Clark before? I loooove this.

    I did start watching more cleaning vids for the same reason. Beauty youtubers always make me wish I had more stuff rather than liking/taking care of/enjoying what I own.

    Thanks for introducing me to the beauty of Ms. Kimberly Clark’s anti-hauls, Kitcath!


  2. That is brilliant! I only watched the first few minutes as I am commuting and don’t want to waste all my data on a 20 min video, but am defo coming back to watch the whole thing tonight.
    I gotta admit that while watching the makeup haul vids make me want the products, I have also forgotten about them the following day, generally speaking. So the trick for me is to watch them in bed before going to sleep and by morning they’re gone from my mind… until one of my friends mentions said product and I’m sitting there for half a day trying to remember where I heard of this product before, hahahahahaha.

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