Lar’s Winter Uniform

Some days, like Cath, I toy with the idea of having a uniform: a faltering set of clothes that I can buy multiples of and wear the same thing day in, day out. I’ve never settled on one outfit that does it all: looks great, feels comfy (aka I can walk 10 city blocks without falling over and eat a delicious meal without having to discreetly unbutton my jeans) and, most importantly, feels like me.

You know what I mean? Those outfits you put on and you’re like “yeahhh….” Not just because you think you look good, but because you feel good. Boots always make me feel like that. So my uniform would definitely include boots.

In fact, the closest I’ve ever gotten to a uniform is this winter ensemble seen here: black turtleneck sweater, skinny jeans and ankle booties.

It’s not in the least bit exciting or fashion-forward, but I feel so good in it, I can forget what I’m wearing (nothing to yank down or pull up or wobble in) and enjoy what I’m doing. Maybe I should try wearing this all week and see if I can commit to a seasonal uniform. I’ll document it here if I do!

Regardless if I succeed in uniform dressing, there is one rule: I can’t buy all new clothes to create a uniform. I know I own things I already love, which is why I love this winter uniform-ish so much, and a big part of this new blog venturing is learning to love what you already have. I’ve owned all of these pieces for years.

The pic above was taken just this past weekend and the one below is from a visit to Munich three years ago — exact same clothes, just different hats. The turtleneck sweater is from H&M and at least six years old, the skinny jeans are from a charity shop in Edinburgh — a steal at £8 — and the boots are three-year old Cos booties I’ve literally worn to bits (poor sole, it has a hole in it!).


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  1. I admired those booties a few years ago! They seemed polished and perfect. They’re great for what you are talking about – they are sophisticated without being too demanding/unique – like they do seem like shoes you could wear all the time without it being noticeable or a stretch.

    1. Hi Amy

      Yes! I love these Cos booties! They have stood me in good stead through the past few years. Every year Cos seem to do a classic Chelsea bootie like this and eventually I might have to buy a new par (as I’ve worn these past repair -tsk tsk!). I highly recommend them as they are beautifully made — though I’m not sure of their source (ethics).
      xoxo, Lar

  2. I’m still on a quest for that ideal uniform myself. This winter I’ve been wearing some combo of these items constantly, but I tend to fall back on certain uniform formulas depending on the season. Right now uniform formula #1 is cardigan or pullover sweater, tee or tank, skinny jeans, ankle boots or sneakers or a menswear-inspired shoe. Formula #2 is a long-sleeved shirt, skinny jeans, ditto the footwear.

    1. Hi Lisa!

      Isn’t it surprising how hard it is to find that perfect uniform? I really like your two options and I think whatever I settle on will be quite similar. In the summer I will definitely be all about a simple shaped dress and boots or ballerinas — I can’t wait for the rain to stop and summer to get here!

      xoxo, Lar

  3. I love those Cos booties! I have a very similar pair from Topshop and they have barely been off my feet this winter. They are so comfortable. I love this look Lar, you look fab!x

    1. Thanks, lovely lady! You always have the best shoes. You’re reminding me I should take a look at Top Shop — we actually have them in the states now!
      xoxo, Lar

  4. Ooohh, those boots are the best! I love everything that Cos has to offer, so I’ve so grateful there isn’t a brick and mortar version of it near me! Also, you’ve found such gems at charity shops! i’ve never ever found a pair of pants that fit me secondhand.

    I realized one of the things that I’m missing in my wardrobe is a turtleneck sweater. At least now that it’s cold, i really want one. But I’m sure in a few months, i’ll completely forget about that desire for a cozy sweater 😉

    1. I know! Pants are usually the hardest things to find to fit anywhere. Strangely I have more luck at charity shops than new shops. Weird right?
      I bet by the end of Feb, it will be too hot to wear a turtleneck sweater. It sounds like even next week in January it will be too hot ;D So jelly.
      xoxox, Lar

  5. I love the booties, I am a personal fan of the Chelsea-style ankle boot, it’s so classic, comfortable and looks good under so many different types of trousers (skinny to wide legged) as well as leggings or even tights and a dress. I have 3 pair, 1 from Dr. Martens, 1 from Timberlands and one dressier pair I bought 10 years ago on holiday in Scotland. Love them both.

    1. You have a pair of Scottish chelsea boots too! I love that, Michelle! And I totally agree with you about them being so classic and easy to pair with everything.
      xoxo, Lar

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