A new home


And hellooo, readers!

I’ve been in Seattle for almost two weeks and am still trying to get the lay of the land: trying to find a job, learning how to save quarters for coin-operated laundry again (oi!) and living in a partial furnished (mostly by boxes) apartment.

But what a beautiful city! I love coffee but can’t drink it which seems a shame in the home of American coffee culture, but never fear! I’ve already been to three delicious tea shops! Below I’m sampling a citrus rooibos beneath an obliging cherry tree:


We are living in a neighborhood where just outside our door there are delicious tacos, pho and banh mi, and Oddfellows (my new favourite place because kombucha is on tap!):


Seattle has also introduced me to my new favourite tree. Readers, meet the Full Moon Maple. How stunningly crimson, eh? I stood in awe of it’s leaves for at least a solid five minute, gaping up at all it’s glowing beauty:


I haven’t lived in a place where the leaves change colours in autumn in more than a decade. So really all the trees are worth repeated neck straining for optimal ogling:


Here’s a little sneaky peak of my favourite room in our flat. I have expertly cropped out my cluttered night stand to make our bedroom look presentable and serene. The night stand isn’t actually so much a stand as a pile-o-things with a lamp precariously perched atop an empty amazon box. Ahhh deceptive internet sharing!


Matt and I (again) hate being away from all our family and friends, but if there were a city to do it in, it has to be Seattle. It feels very us. Though that might just be because of the rain (and it reminds us of Edinburgh). Ha! No, I kid, I kid! I love how diverse it is. I love the rainbow crosswalks in our neighborhood and how gosh darn friendly everyone has been.


Just to give you guys a heads up. Cath and I are going to revamp AsianCajuns and are very excited about it!

We no longer live an ocean apart and want to focus on a new chapter of our AsianCajunness. So stay tuned (and thank you for your loyalty and patience, you wonderful readers you!).



12 thoughts on “A new home”

  1. I don’t care if your bedroom floor is covered in clothes and your nightstand is just a stack of things, it already is better than my bedroom! Did you get that linen duvet cover you’ve been wanting? It looks like it – or is that more of your deceptive photographing? 😉

    As much as I miss you, it still feels like you’re wonderfully close compared to being back in Scotland. Seriously, being able to call you every day makes me realize how miserable I was with you being abroad.

    I can’t wait to come visit and see all your new favorite places and recent discoveries!

    Also, I wish my yard was filled with Full Moon Maples!

    xoxo, Cath

    1. Haha! That is so not true, Cath! Your whole house is beeeyoootiful! And seriously, if you could see the crazy wire mess we have roving everywhere (each room only has two outlets on one wall), you would be so happy you have your own beautiful house to live in.

      And that duvet is definitely deceptive photography! It’s old one we’ve had for about six years now. I’ll save up for the linen one though — so beeeyotiful!

      I love, love, love being able to call you every day! It makes way more of a difference than I would have thought.

      One day we will both have yards full of Full Moon Maples!


    1. Hi Elle!

      Thank you so much! I love this beautiful city so far. And I can’t believe what nice weather we’ve been having.

      xo Lar

  2. I’m excited to read about your experiences there. We are in Vancouver (WA) so if you ever want to come visit, let me know. We are awfully close to Portland!

    1. Hi Kaolee!

      I can’t wait to get up to Vancouver and we’ll definitely let you know when we do! I’d love to meet you and your beautiful fam!


    1. Thanks, Diane! We are so excited too. And yes! You guys have to visit, you would both love it!

  3. Welcome back to the US, Lar!!! So jelly that you found a place with kombucha on tap– I guzzle that stuff if I were given the opportunity!

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