Four years of travel


By the time you guys read this, Matt and I will be heading back to the States (via a pit stop in Croatia). We are so, so, sad to be leaving Edinburgh but also very excited to be moving closer to our family and stateside friends.

One reason we moved to Edinburgh four years ago was to be able to travel more. So I hope you guys don’t mind this self-indulgent post! Matt and I were trying to remember where all we’ve been since moving overseas. Here’s a quick round-up:





We’ll be adding Croatia, Atlanta and Seattle (our new home) to the list in the next month. We’ve been really lucky to get to do so much and can’t wait to do more once we are in the Pacific Northwest.

7 thoughts on “Four years of travel”

  1. SO JEALOUS!!! Love that you took advantage of being out there, and can’t wait to see what you take advantage of in the States! The Pacific NW has never really been on my list of places to go, but I’ve heard/seen it’s gorgeous – excited to see it from your perspective – Maybe it’ll change my mind 🙂 Safe travels and moves!

    1. Hi CL!

      I totally felt the same way about the Pacific Northwest too before I went to Seattle for the first time. I thought, I’m not outdoorsy and have never stepped foot in an REI — this is not going to work! But the food is delicious, the people are very relaxed and the air feels so clean out there. I promise to do lots of posts to convince you that you should come out for a visit.


    1. HI Diane!

      We were surprised too! We hadn’t realised how many places we got to go. It helps the holiday/vacay allowance at work is a lot more generous (minimum four weeks) in the UK!!!


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