A Little Bit of Shopping

Mall Haul

I haven’t done any Marie Kondo-ing like Lar, but I plan to pare down my personal belongings soon. In the meantime, I’m still making a conscious effort not to buy things just because I want them. It helps that I have a limited budget, so I can’t go on a shopping spree.

Even though I was tempted to buy a whole new outfit when I went to the mall this weekend, I was pretty disciplined. I only purchased these seven items:

1. Black and white Woven Top from H&M. I cannot not buy a black and white striped top. Some day in the not too distant future, my whole closet will consist of  nothing but black and white striped tops.
2. Two camisole tops from H&M. They were two for $10 and I’ve been needing a couple of camisoles to go under a few summer tops.
3. Anastasia Brow Wiz in medium brown. I ran out of my Tarte eyebrow pencil this weekend, which is the main reason I went to Sephora. The store was completely out, so I decided to try out the Anatasia of Beverly Hills version.
4. Sephora honey mask. I’ve been wanting to try one of these masks for a while. I have super sensitive skin, so I figured the honey mask was a safe bet. Have you tried any of these Sephora masks? I’d love to hear your thoughts!
5. Compact Tangle Teezer in black. I’ve had my eye on the Tangle Teezer for a while and saw this travel version in the checkout aisle at Sephora. I love it! It comes with a cover that pops on over it so I can throw it in my purse without the bristles getting bent.
6. Darling Magazine. I love getting Darling Magazine newsletters in my inbox, but I’ve never purchased an issue until now. I found it at Anthropologie. At $20 it’s not cheap, but it’s a great read and and an issue I’ll be keeping on my coffee table for a while.

I’ll admit that the magazine and mask were splurges, but I didn’t go crazy. Right? Maybe some day I’ll be enlightened enough not to feel the urge to buy anything, but not today!


7 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Shopping”

  1. Hi Cath

    I love your seven purchases! I think they were very thoughtful and considered. Also KonMari is not against buying things you just have to make sure they spark joy and that you have a place for it (which usually means getting rid of other things to make room for the new stuff).

    Reading more about ethical fashion this week, it does seem like overall the best approach is to just buy less. Not necessarily boycott a bunch of stores. I think Nichols Kristoff (who I really respect) thinks it shouldn’t be about boycotting but supporting developing countries to become more mechanised in their production. I still need to read more about it. But overall, as long as we aren’t consuming as much it’s better for the world.

    Can’t wait to go not-shopping with you when I’m back in the states sooooon!

    xoxoxo, Lar

    1. Yay for not shopping! I need to read more into ethical fashion. I tried to do my part by not buying too much. That being said, i do have a lot of items in my possession that don’t spark joy. I definitely have a lot of Kondo-ing to do!

  2. I have used several of those Sephora masks. I think they’re okay, but even though I have a large face (weird confession?) it was still really big on me. I cannot tell a lie: my favorite mask is still the Queen of Helene Mint Julep mask from the Dollar General! Works so, so well, and is so, so cheap. It’s very similar to a mud mask. I also like the Boscia black mask. But for a quick and easy fix and cleanup, the Sephora masks are good and easy to pack with you on vacation!


    1. I haven’t tried Queen of Helene Mint Julep is over 20 years. Totally taking a trip to my local Dollar General this weekend 😉 I haven’t tried the Sephora mask yet, but now I won’t be weirded out by how big it is. I have a large face too1

  3. I lovelovelove this post, Cath. Since doing our big KonMari cleanout any sort of shopping urges died for a while, but in the past few weeks I’ve been buying and replacing things. As Lar said, I’m finding that now my purchases are more carefully considered, they have to pass the “does this spark joy” test, and I have to have room for them. And as a result, I find I use and enjoy the new purchases way more.

    I’ve also been writing down the new things I buy just to keep track of what I’m buying and how much I’m spending. Seeing it tracked month-to-month makes me more cognizant of how much I’m consuming and (hopefully!) will deter shopping and encourage saving.

    1. I love the idea of writing down things you buy. I’m totally going to start doing that – maybe even before I do a KonMari cleanout, which I’m itching to do!!

  4. So I’m trying not to purchase but I feel like I can’t stop myself! Have you ladies tried poshmark? I’m trying to get rid of stuff, and have had some luck – sold a couple of necklaces. But I really am hoping the right person comes along and wants some clothes that I don’t wear (or never wore)!

    Question: If you purchase less often for only things that ‘spark’ do you give yourself permission to buy things that are more expensive, that you wouldn’t have purchased before? Like instead of 5 $10 things, do you buy one $50 item? (It doesn’t seem like that from this post, but as time goes on, I wonder if spending/buying habits change)

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