Monday Inspiration: Sia

Dearest Lar,

I rarely talk about my job on the blog. For whatever reason, I’ve always kept AsianCajuns relatively separate from my work in local government. I suppose it makes sense. Economic development doesn’t really have a place in a lifestyle blog. That being said, I’m making an exception today.

As you know (but our readers don’t), I’ve been working with my organization’s innovation team – a group of 12 of us that is charged with creating an innovative project. We gave a presentation on that project in Phoenix at a local government conference last week (where I found this gem). In addition to our presentation, we also got to show our group video – which has nothing to do with our project and everything to do with our definition of innovation:

I debated about whether or not to share the video – mostly for egotistical reasons. I hate my outfit. Seriously. I need to get my shirt tailored and buy new pants. But I’m so proud of my team and their amazing willingness to take part in my crazy idea that I had to share it. I don’t know of any other government organization where you’d find such open-minded and creative folks willing to learn some crazy choreography, put on a blond wig, pink blush, and come in on a Saturday without pay to do a video for work.

Also, Greg shot the whole thing on his fancy camera after I told him I was going to attempt to use my old iPhone. What an awesome friend! And Troy was there the whole time helping Greg with the camera work and he spliced down the song to two minutes so I didn’t have to choreograph a four minute song. Best bf ever!

So basically, I’m riding on a high that I have such amazing friends/co-workers who were willing to do this with me and I wanted to share.

Happy Monday!

xoxo, Cath

15 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration: Sia”

  1. Cath,

    You and your team are totally amazing! I’m blown away by how quickly everyone learned your choreography and just the general professionalism around something that was totally extra credit — and could make most people feel pretty anxious: wearing a blond wig and dancing in front of people. I think Sia would totally approve whole-heartedly!

    I’m so glad everyone at the conference loved it!!! I so wish I could have been there with you every step of the way.

    You are amazing!



    1. I wish you could have been there too! I was so worried my choreography wouldn’t make sense.

      In the words of Rebecca Ryan, I just ultimately decided to “swan dive that shit” 😉

      xoxo, Cath

  2. So proud of you for this. You’re right that no other government organization could make this happen under the circumstances, and much respect to your team for that. But you also have to consider that those other government agencies don’t have you as a leader. Talent, passion, cooperation, teamwork, going above and beyond, and stretching the limits of one’s own comfort level are achievements that any employee, anywhere, is capable of, but most of us require an incredible leader to bring those things out in us. You are that incredible leader, and for that, you should be so proud, and we thank you for making us seem so great!

  3. As a participant I can say that making this video was even more fun than it looks. I’m so so proud of you for taking this from vision to reality. I will remember this experience for the rest of my life.

  4. I was in the audience when this video was shown at the conference and I hafta say, a lot of us were crying at the end. It was such a great reminder of what passion, courage.and yes, innovation, can mean to the people ON the team, and by those who are impacted by their work.

    Rock the eff on!

  5. Aww man, that is really great! I love it when people are enthusiastic over what they are doing, it is so very inspiring! I mUst admit to not knowing who Sia is, but am up to speed now (I think, LOL) 😉

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