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Dear Cath,

Hauling (a la YouTube terminology) seems like a very anti-ethical shopping activity: buying lots of stuff and then showing it to you, so that you want to buy lots of stuff. So maybe this is more of an anti-haul: only three items and all consciously chosen because they are made in the US and not bought on a whim. (Maybe most hauling is well-thought purchases and am just being judge-y. Tell me if so. Also, maybe being a hypocrite because still buying things I like rather than absolutely need isn’t height of ethical consumerism).

Without further ado (i.e. ramblings):

The item I’m most excited about is this Vera Wang mini dress from the Born Free line that supports the end of mother-to-child HIV transmission by December 2015. I feel so uneducated about HIV transmission — I didn’t realise 1 pill a day is all that was needed to provide a child with a life without HIV. It seems woeful that if that’s the case, mother to child transmission isn’t eradicated already.


(Note: poor reviews owing to fact that dress is more like tunic rather than dress. Plan to wear with black skirt in order to avoid undesirable bum exposure).

The next two purchases aren’t nearly as philanthropic but still made in the U.S.

I needed a going-out top (have worn pleather dress to ever night-out for past two years), but I really dislike anything too clingy or that requires body tape or specific bra selection. I think the lower backs of men and women lovely/handsome  and more seductive than cleavage (she says because she has none) and this shirt makes me and Ingres happy:

(Unlike Ingres’ lady, I will not be showing side-boob just bare lumbar. Will not attempt turban).

Lastly, a long gold-plated necklace by Kristen Elspeth:


It’s hard to tell but the long metal bar is actually a gold porcupine quill. Much of Elspeth’s designs are influenced by Native American art: hence the quill which represents trust, innocence, invincibility, intelligence, and are symbols of protection from dark spirits. I’ll take it!

So that was a bit haul-like after all, wasn’t it? I really am still trying to be less of an avaricious consumer — more of a nibbler. To prepare for abundance of items purchased, I packed off a few things to Salvation Army yesterday. Must commence nibbling.

What about you? Are you house hauling? Can’t wait to hear all your decorating/nesting plans. I promise it won’t make me feel the need to buy more things for my flat — we have no where to put anything: all 500 sq ft accounted for.

Love you like Ingres loves vertebrae,


p.s. Readers, Shopbop is one of our blog affiliates, but this is in no way a sponsored posts, just a way for Cath to keep up with what I bought. We usually share with each other over email, but I thought I’d try it by post this time.

6 thoughts on “Shopbop Haul”

  1. I LOVE all of your choices! I totally forgot Shopbop was taking part in the Born program. I can totally see you wearing that Vera Wang dress/tunic with a black skirt! And I’m tempted to purchase that Oak Split Back tank – totally agree about the sexiness of a little exposed back versus cleavage, sideboob, et al.

    I don’t think you’re being hypocritical by buying things because you don’t go over board with spending. You don’t buy a lot for yourself and when you do it’s really well thought out. It inspires me!

    I’m still working on culling my closet and making it more streamlined, but that’ll take years.

    I can’t wait to see you wearing your new stuffs!
    xoxo, Cath

    1. Hi Kitcath!

      I can help you streamline when I get home. I’m sorry I dumped so much stuff on you when I moved away three years ago. So unfair for me to be all minimal because I made my sista take all my things!

      You should get the Oak tee because then we could be twinies. more twinnie.

      XOXOXOXO, Lar

  2. Great choices!

    I find carefully considered purchases are fine, as long as they don’t lead one down the slippery slope of binge-shopping.

    1. Agreed, Lisa. Generally that slope doesn’t happen if I’m being careful. I usually binge when I’m caught in a store unawares and things start jumping into my hand. Online shopping is much safer for me ;D

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