Short and Sweet Sunday


Dear Cath,

Some weekends in Edinburgh are perfect. The sun shines for some of the day and the clouds scuttle across the sky fast enough to catch glimpses of blue. And some days I don’t have to wear a jacket the entire day, and it even gets warm enough to eat raspberry and strawberry black pepper sorbet outside (with jacket back on, of course)!

Those are the days for strolling around leisurely and gazing up at trees like this one which looks like someone has festooned teeny yellow lanterns all over it’s elegant boughs:



The only thing missing on these glorious weekend days, is you, of course (that’s my looking-for-Cath face in the photo above)!

Love you like strawberry and pepper,


4 thoughts on “Short and Sweet Sunday”

  1. I’m loving all these sunny Edinburgh posts, Lar! That’s one thing I learned to appreciate when I was living in England: people of the British Isles never take a sunny day for granted. Meanwhile, we Atlantans are known to complain if the weather’s anything but a balmy 72F with perfectly clear blue skies. Enjoy!

    1. Hahaha — so very true, Erin! And thanks so much for appreciating the Scottish sun! I seriously feel a bit like a mole-person (squinting in the sunlight) whenever we get any real sun here. There’s even an app that’s super-popular here now that tells you which cities in the UK are “taps aff” (a warm enough day for not wearing a top).

  2. Lar, these pictures are beautiful. The lighting is perfection! And your expression = <3. Also, can I please steal that outfit (your perf topknot AND your gelato)?

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