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I wish I had pretty pictures to show you of Atlanta – especially now that the cherry trees are in blossom – just like Lar showed you of Edinburgh in her last lovely post. Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to get out of the house. I’ve been slammed with work and school work for the past few weeks. Being so busy has made me want to simply everything – including my wardrobe.

tshirt and jeans

camper wedges

When I get tempted by cheap trends and online sales, here are some links that inspire me to keep it simple:

Felicity (the TV show) style – remember the converse and leather backpack? It might be a little dated, but I love how Keri Russel’s character made t-shirts, jeans and sneaks look pulled-together and laid back at the same time. Plus, mom jeans are coming back in style.

• Stephanie Trong’s Why I Didn’t Dress Up For Paris Fashion Week (and Won’t Ever Again)

A great post about simplifying your wardrobe.

• Good reads from Life Edited here, here, and here.

• Update: Esther just left a comment about Project 333. I’m intrigued and think I want to try it. Anyone ever tried it?


Dearest Lar,

I finally got to see The Grand Budapest Hotel. Can you believe it’s only playing in at one movie theater in Atlanta (Tara)? I loved it and I want to watch it again so I can soak in all the details. I wish we could have seen it together.

I think one of the reasons I love Wes Anderson films is how almost every character of his has a uniform: Team Zissou, Margot Tenenbaum, Suzy, etc. I like the simplicity of it amongst all of the visual stimulation.

I feel like you’ve developed your uniform with flowy tunics and leggings and I love it. I know you’ve had to simplify because you and Matt don’t have a lot of closet space, but I’m totally inspired by it (the simplicity more so than the lack of closet space). So thanks for inspiring me from hundreds of miles away!

Hope you have a fun, stress-free week!

xoxo, Cath

14 thoughts on “T-Shirt and Jeans”

  1. I love the shoes! And I’ve been going the simple route with most of my daily outfits too; too much else to do to fuss about with ensembles. 🙂

    1. Exactly! It’s already gotten easier dressing in the morning now that I’m only buying neutral-colored clothing.

    1. Tell me what you think once you see it. I really loved it and can’t wait to go back and watch it.

  2. i’ve been trying to downsize my wardrobe for some time now. i think i almost have the hang of it. i guess i still do have the urge to go out and buy stuff, but i know adding things to my closet just adds more stress when i’m trying to put together an outfit. have you heard of project 333? i’m trying to do that now. i’ve picked out my 33 (almost).

  3. I’m with you on simplification! I feel like my outfits of late have been simpler too since I’ve been so busy! I LOVE your wedges!

  4. Cath! I am so jealous of your wedges. About 4 years ago I was eyeing those Campers in Switzerland but would not give in to the splurge. Regret! Anyway, thanks for the awesome links. I am really interested in whittling down my closet — the post on Be Up & Doing was very motivating. I have a “wardrobe wishlist” that I always have with me, and if there is a clothing item I am thinking about buying I cross check it with the list. If it’s not on my list, I have to pass. At first it was hard, but it’s getting so much easier!

  5. You are so sweet, Kitcath! I am still on this long road of trying to figure out what exactly I want my uniform to be. i do like the comfiness of my tunics, but I know sometimes I look a bit mumu-ish. I love all the links you linked — and I’m so inspired by you. I love simple outfits best. I do think they work the easiest on petite frames — we get easily overwhelmed when there are lots of accessories.
    AND yes to the Wes Anderson Character uniform inspiration. I like that too. Also maintaining a uniform in the face of any trend. I want to go back and see Grand Budapest too and soak it in. We are spoiled for cinema choice — two cinemas a block away (each direction) are playing it. Can you come by and see it with me purlease!!!

    Love you like Wes loves pink,

  6. Hello you guys, I just found your blog and have been instantly enthralled. What a great concept – I can’t wait to read more about your experiences from different sides of the Atlantic! You guys seem to have such an amazing relationship too which all makes this blog seem so special. xo

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