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What is a vintage car rally? From what I can gather (from first-hand experience two weeks ago) is that you get together with other vintage car owners, drive around the countryside like something out of a BBC mini-drama, and then picnic whilst sizing up everyone else’s retro wheels. And you can dress up if you want.

Now I’ve never owned a vintage car (unless you count a 1991 Buick Park Avenue), but I happen to know a dashing couple who do (see Juliette and Chris below). And then I had the chutzpah to invite myself along when they mentioned they were going to a vintage car rally one weekend. Ooo me! Me! Me! I’ll go! I’m sure I endeared myself to them bouncing around the back seat and asking lots of boring pertinent intriguing questions about vintage British cars and the people who buy them.



(Above) Just look at that wee rural lane we’re driving in! Convoying behind our fellow vintage car rally-ers!

(Below) What the back seat looked like: Juliette’s Harris Tweed purse and my hat mingling with Juliette’s car pillows. I love having car pillows in your car in lovely patterns. Maybe wouldn’t work as well in a Chevy Lumina or Ford Fiesta, but in a 1958 Morris Minor — just the right amount of practicality (lumbar support) and charm.


My favorite car of the day (apart from our Morris Minor), this gorgeous Ford Model T:



The Model-T’s owner had covered the exterior (yes exterior) in soft dove grey leather (yes leather!) and the interior in Harris Tweed! A Scottified American vintage car — spiffy!

And who doesn’t like a well kept 1960s/70s Mini Cooper (below) — I wish they were still so cute and dainty. Their previous proportions were probably far less safe, tis true:


Oh wait, I lied. The Model T-weed (get it? har har) was my second favorite. This guy was my favorite, favorite:


He was part of the AA (we know it as AAA in the States). He’d travel around in his motorbike to rescue stranded drivers with his side car chalk-a-block full of handy bits and bobs: first aid kit, gasoline, torch (flashlight), booklets and a wry Scottish smile (see that? What a lovely man):



Ohhh here was another favorite (turquoise below):


It was an all day affair. We convoyed to Glenkinchie Distillery, ate our picnic in the grass, wiggling our toes in the sun, ooohed and ahhhhed over the pretty cars, then back in our cars for our afternoon convoy to a lovely estate, tea and cake and awards given. I feel so utterly British. Like a 75 year old British man. Vintage cars, crazy rallies where they picnic on the croquet green and eat cake, and at home by 6 pm. Ahhh yes. Fits me to a (Model) T. Puns. I should add puns to the me-as-an-old-man list.

Have you guys ever been to any sort of car rally, vintage or no? I really thought the best part would be getting to dress up all vintage-y, but I totally forgot about that bit in the end and just enjoyed being along for the ride.


Dear Cath,

When we win the lottery, we’ll buy a wee cottage up here for summer days just like this. And a vintage something on four wheels. Pack a champagne picnic and pretend we fell out of an Evelyn Waugh novel.

Italy: THREE WEEKS!!!!




21 thoughts on “Vintages Cars Rahhh!”

  1. OMG! Isaiah would love this! That AA man is awesome. My vintage car was a 1983 Chevy Cavalier 😉 You look adorbs in your pink dress!

  2. Love, love, love this post! It’s like you’re in Gosford Park – without the murder and Clive Owen and Jeremy Northam. I can’t decide what’s my favorite: your outfit, the photo of Juliette and Chris, the GORGEOUS leather-covered car, or the AA guy and his gear. What a wonderful day! There’s nothing similar in the states – nothing! Makes me want to go on a picnic at a giant estate. I wonder if the Georgia governor wouldn’t mind if I had a picnic on his property. . . or maybe someone in Buckhead. . .

    1. Or the Swan House? That’s kind of estate-y. I would be worried about trespassing laws with the governor’s mansion ;D
      See you in THREE WEEKS (slash slightly less yahooo!)
      xoxoxox, Lar

  3. I am in love with the AA guy.

    My AAA guy was nice but certainly did not have the same “joie de vie” of your Scottish gentleman although he was kind enough to say, “Hon, we gotta get you out of here before it gets dark” as he hurried to fix my tire. Good times in gun toting America.

  4. This sounds like it was an amazing experience! I don’t know much about cars, but I love ogling restored vintage cars at auto shows (so much more interesting than modern ones). Can’t imagine getting a chance to ride around in one. Lucky you!

    1. Lisa, I totally feel the same. I’m a bit clueless about cars but I love looking at these vintage ones — and yes riding around in them on a perfect British summer day was just lovely!
      xx, Lar

  5. You are just too cute for words and those cars are something else. It looks like y’all had such a fun day!.That Model T! How in the world does the tweed and leather survive in traditional Scottish weather? I’m sure it must only get driven a few days a year!

    1. Erin, we were wondering the same thing! Even if you think it’s going to be sunny out, there’s always a chance of rain here. It was in great shape though, so I’m assuming it sees the light of day, as you say, just a few days of the year.
      xoxx, Lar

  6. I love this! We’ve been having loads of vintage cars all over the place this summer-I thought maybe it was a Sussex thing but obviously I was wrong (of course I was wrong, everyone loves these fab old cars!). Anyway, you look perfectly appropriate for tea and scones, and super adorable as well!

    1. Thanks, Ashley! And yeah, isn’t this more of a thing here than back home in the states. I don’t ever remember seeing a convoy of charming cars winding around Atlanta. Ever. Hummers, yes. Old Thunderbirds or gangster cars, never.
      xoxox, Lar

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