Summer Dress Fever

After writing about my Gentle Fawn summer dress last week, I realized that I had a bunch of other summer dress photos that never made it onto the blog.  I always pegged myself as a skirt and top kind of girl, but clearly I’ve been relying on summer dresses to stay cool in this muggy, mucky season.

My friend found this classic, navy blue, lace dress at the J.Crew clearance sale (only $15!) in Asheville a few weeks ago and it’s become one of my work favorites.There’s something so Audrey Hepburn about it and it’s easy to create a completely different look with accessories. Plus it has pockets!

JCrew dress with American Eagle belt

Madewell necklace (old) • J.Crew dress • American Eagle belt • Sole Society sunglasses • BCBG black pumps (covered by my tall grass and weeds – whoops)

JCrew dress with Sole Society necklace

Sole Society necklace and shoes • Libeskind bag

The outfit below is what I wore to the office on my birthday. I’d love to find a belt that matches the red flowers on the dress. Give me a shout out if you know of one. The colors are pretty true in the photo. And for those of you Atlantans reading this post, yes, that is the CDC in the background. Troy and I were just about to have dinner at The General Muir, one of my favorite local restaurants.



Talbots cardi • MINKPINK dress • C Wonder bracelet • Sole Society heels

I’ve had this gray/blue dress for ages. I love the way the jersey drapes and wish I had more clothes like this one. It’s not a trendy dress, but that’s one of the reasons why I love it. I’ll probably keep it until it falls apart.

FCUK dress

FCUK dress • Kate Spade purse • J.Crew necklace (very old) • Unleashed espadrilles

Today I’m back to my skirt and top routine at work, but I’m sure I’ll be wearing one or more of these summer dresses this week. Have you noticed that I’ve been wearing a lot of Sole Society items lately? I’ll be publishing a sponsored post this Wednesday that I’m super excited about. I dragged Troy around this weekend to take a bunch of photos of me wearing a lot of my Sole Society goodies and can’t wait to share them with you on Wednesday. Until then, I’ll be swamped with regular work and school work – when will this summer semester end?!?!

Hope you all are having a good start to the week. Come back on Wednesday for my next post!


Dearest Lar,

I can’t believe you’ve been wearing short – SHORTS! – in Scotland this past week. What is happening? If this type of weather continues you’re soon going to have to start a summer dress collection of your own. The weather in Atlanta has been more muggy than hot because it’s been raining off and on for the past two weeks. And you know what that means? Bugs! Lots and lots of bugs. Oh how I hate mother nature. I still have bug bites covering my legs, every time I open the front door a million gnats fly in, and our poor dogs seem to always have fleas no matter how many meds we feed them. This is what Wheatie looks like most of the time:

summer dress outtake

Poor guy. I’m so tempted to have our backyard bug bombed, but I feel like that has to be so bad for the environment. I bet the dogs you see on the meadows in Edinburgh aren’t so itchy all the time!

Do you realize it’s only a few more weeks until we see it other?! That thought is getting me through the end of this semester. Only two more assignments and one final to go!

xoxo, Cath

9 thoughts on “Summer Dress Fever”

  1. You’ve got quite the collection of summery dresses! I can’t get enough of that FCUK dress– the drape is perfection, and I LOVE the print on that MINKPINK one!

    1. I wish FCUK made that dress in a million different colors. I got it on Shopbop years ago and have yet to find a similar one! – Cath

  2. i’m soooooo a dress girl. it’s the easiest thing to wear. don’t have to think much about getting dressed when you wear a dress. so simple!
    and that dress for only $15??? are you kidding me!?!?!?! SCORE!!!
    sorry about Wheatie. is it fleas? or is it just allergies??? i know when we lived in Pennsylvania Rocko had the WORST ALLERGIES EVER! he was always itching and licking his paws.

    1. I think it must be allergies. He always gets skin allergies in the summer, poor guy. Maybe we need to move to NYC – ha!

  3. How funny–I’ve always done skirts and tops and just this summer I’ve been wearing dresses more than ever, even on the weekends when I’m usually in shorts. (I can also hear my mom’s voice when she would ask me why I didn’t wear more dresses.) So, me too–I’m wearing dresses to get through this oppressive heat.

    I love all of your dresses in this post, but really love the MINKPINK, that gorgeous green color.

    1. The MINKPINK dress is on sale at! I picked it out because it matched the AsianCajuns double mint nail polist ;P

  4. Cath you look so gorgeous and all your dresses! I would be a summer dress person if I didn’t live in Scotland. Actually scratch that — we’re actually having a summer so now I’m a hesitant tank and skirt person — layers, still doing layers, but this is like week THREE of summer here. Pigs are flying!
    We do not have too many bugs here just yet — I think midges prefer the damp and cloudy spots in the highlands. It really does feel like lala-land here. Wish I could send some bug-free air to you and the puppies!
    YES – just a little over THREE WEEKS!!! I see you in THREE WEEKS!!! I didn’t realize it was that soon. Everything is so much better knowing that!

    LOVE YOU!!!! ITALIA!!!!


  5. Cath,you look amazing and I love every single one of those pairs of shoes! Our pups are faltering too, it seems the evening walks have to be pushed back later and later-these English dogs can’t handle any sort of heat, haha:)

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