The Jean Jacket is Back

. . . in my closet, that is. I suppose the jean jacket never really went out of style. I just went without one for a while.

Paige Denim Jacket

Paige Denim Jacket | Bib necklace from a shop in Las Vegas | Club Monaco skirt | Anne Klein pumps from TJ Maxx | Michele watch | American Apparel shirt

In college I would borrow Lar’s J.Crew denim jacket all the time and during sophomore year my uniform consisted of a Marc by Marc Jacobs knock-off denim jacket and knee-length skirts. In the passing years I’ve, um, “out-grown” Lar’s jacket and the knock-off was only trendy for about three seasons.

Paige Denim Jacket close up

I’ve been looking for the perfect denim jacket ever since. Then, as luck would have it, this lovely Paige Denim number was one of the items in Southern Blog Society brunch gift bag. It fits perfectly and has a bit of stretch of to it.

paige denim jacket layering

Puppy love

Apart from my new jacket, the rest of the outfit is old. I’m trying to shop the back of my closet more because I’ll be seeing Lar in Italy in two months – which means I have to save like there’s no tomorrow.

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Over the next few weeks, all of us SBS brunch bloggers will be blogging about the same items so stay tuned for next week’s installment!


Dearest Lar,

Do you remember your J.Crew denim jacket and my Marc by Marc knock-off? I loved that jacket so much that I still have it even though I don’t wear it anymore.

I suppose a denim jacket wouldn’t be much good in Scotland – not even layered under a water-proof parka. Has it been rainy all week in Edinburgh? I hope the sun comes out over the weekend so you and Matt can go hill walking again.

Love, Cath

20 thoughts on “The Jean Jacket is Back”

    1. He’s my well-behaved pup. I have another dog, but he’s too spastic to be in photos.

      Isn’t lace and denim such a great combo?

      xoxo, Cath

  1. Cath, you look gorgeous! I am so inspired by how you dress every day. My Scottish workwear is much more low key and, yar, definitely waterproof.

    And YES I remember your faux-Jacobs! That jacket is Cath. I remember being so jealous when you first got it. And I do remember my J.Crew jacket as well. Wore that to bits. And the funny thing is I have seen tons of denim jackets in shops around here, but can’t figure out how they would be a good fit here. As you say, not great for layering under waterproof layers and only suitable for windy, sunny, Scottish summer days.

    The weather has been quite nice off and on. 60ish sometimes really windy, sometimes a bit sunny, sometimes a bit rainy. All in all a brilliant Scottish summer so far ;D

    Loved our skype chat yesterday, but as always, makes me miss you more!


    1. Yay! So glad the weather is nice there – finally! But if I was living in Scotland I would be wearing sweatpants all the time! I know you look super cute a work, so don’t lie to me! 😉
      xoxo, Cath

  2. Love the look! I was without a jean jacket for a very long time & then grabbed one last summer while out thrifting. The result: I wear it all the time.

  3. You know what? I haven’t worn a denim jacket in YEARS! But I used to have a glittery one a while back that I wore ALL THE TIME. I love the fit of this one on you, Cath! and the length is great for wearing it with dresses!

  4. looks great on u!~ 🙂 i feel like overalls are starting to come back too! haha i actually still have mine since middle school / high school in our prop closet. would you wear those?? 🙂

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