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Phew! Did you make it this far? ‘Scuse the epic photo post — I really wanted you to get a sense of Bordeaux via a pinterest-y vibe.

So the thing that (almost) makes up for missing friends and family back in the states is getting to jet around Europe on weekends. That makes us sound faincy and wealthy but we are neither of those things. Instead of spending money on our home, or clothes, or gadgets, we save for travel.

Matt and I went to Bordeaux a few weekends ago not because we know anything about wine or speak any French, but because we found really cheap flights direct from Edinburgh. And if you dangle a croissant in front of me, I will go wherever it goes. It sealed the deal when I went on Airbnb and found this place that used to be an old store-front for a mere £40 per night. Go to France and play out my dreams of being Juliette Binoche in Chocolat — don’t mind if I do!

I didn’t end up selling chocolate (just eating it), but our store-front flat was charming and walking distance to all things Bordelais.

For those of you curious, there isn’t really that much to see in the city of Bordeaux — especially if you aren’t swayed by the siren song of Chateau wine tours (it sounds like this: winnnnneeeeee. gurgle, gurgle, gurgle). But it is a gorgeous place: lots of mansard roofs and boulangeries and cobblestones. It’s Paris on a teeny scale and without the Eiffel Tower. And to us sun-starved Scots it was a dreamy fairy-tale land where the wind is but a breeze and you can actually feel the sun on your skin — oh and eat strawberries that were picked locally! Ooo. La. Laaaaa.


Dear Cath,

So sorry to be so MIA this weekend. I feel like we haven’t talked in forever when we don’t have our weekly skype dates. I was completely useless and broken yesterday with the endometriosis clobbering me. I’m really going to try to stick on this crazy healthy diet, but I’m more than a little discouraged that this past month of being so good didn’t seem to allay any of the pain.

Speaking of all things healthy: Juice queen! So this is day five, right? How do you feel? I can’t imagine juicing for one day let alone 5 or 30! Inspirational is what you are.

It’s so strange to me that for 18 years we had almost the same experiences to match our genetic make-up and now all the sudden you’re in Denver the same weekend I’m in Bordeaux. Does that strike you as weird? It seems wrong — like part of me didn’t get the message that we were supposed to be eating croissants and not hiking around snowy mountains.

Miss you so, so much and lets talk soon okay?

Love you!



14 thoughts on “Bordelais-hee-hooooo!”

  1. Lar, Bordeaux looks so magically! And a little creepy if you stare at that naked baby doll on that store front. The french are so funny – in the best sense. As much as I loved Denver, I would have given anything to explore Bordeaux with you. Just walking around such a beautiful city with my twinie sounds like heaven.

    In that first photo, if you chopped off the top of the buildings and added in clouds and rain, it would totally look like New Town Edinburgh, no?!

    It’s probably for the best that I didn’t join you and Matt because I would have followed the wine tour siren song and gurgled my way through the trip. Or maybe I just feel that way because I’m so effing tired of drinking juice. Do I feel better? Hell yes! But I haven’t gotten to that point where I feel totally energized and I really just want a GD biscuit!

    Let’s talk this week. I can’t wait until next weekend for a Skype chat. I hate that I couldn’t be with you this weekend while you were dealing with your endo pain. Just move back so I can give you lots of hugs, okay?

    love you! xoxo, Cath

  2. Kitcath, it is exactly like Edinburgh! I kept telling people that Bordeaux is like a French Edinburgh: in size (population) and regularity of architecture and building material. Like Edinburgh, it’s all sandstone that turns dark and dingy in population, but once buffed is that beautiful sandy color.

    Oh good lord and if I were still drinking wine, I would have totally been tempted by the tours too.

    Seriously so proud and inspired at you doing the juice cleanse, Kitcath. I can’t wait to hear more of your progress. And I so know what you mean about wanting a biscuit (both in the American and British sense — all things biscuity).

    Yes let’s chat sooooon!

    Mucho loves,

    p.s. Aren’t those naked dolls so strange and wonderful — I love when people do strange, but artistic things in unexpected places like a small aesthetically conservative city like Bordeaux. xx

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous pics! The main thing I remember about Bordeaux was that the people there were MUCH MUCH nicer than Le Parisians – who were very rude and unhelpful to us. Granted this was 10 years ago now, but still. I”m slightly bitter. 😉

    SO sorry to hear about your Endo acting up 🙁 It’s tough when you try super hard to be healthy and it still doesn’t help. 🙁

    1. Hi CL,

      Oh you’re so sweet about the endo — yeah it makes me want to run down to the pub and shove fish and chips down my throat in retribution — probs not the best idea.

      And YES! We totally found the same thing. People were so sweet to us in Bordeaux and much more willing to have us butcher French and point to things when they didn’t speak English. Hope you had a loverly time when you were there!


  4. You lucky duckies! Bordeaux looks beautiful, and you got to stay in an old storefront? AMAZING! I love how charming everything looks, from the carousel to the buildings, to the strawberries! They look a bit elongated and super cute! Glad you’re close enough to go for a trip, Lar! Wish I was.

  5. Um, that flat looks so cute! What a great find! You are so worldly, ooh la la! Bordeaux sounds like a perfect weekend getaway spot.

  6. Bordeaux looks tres wonderful. Oh, please open a Juliet Binoche’y chocolate shop there; I’ll work there for cheap! I do work for chocolate. 🙂

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