Twin Take: The Blue Sweater



Cath and I very rarely dressed alike when we both lived in Atlanta together. But wearing the same thing now that we are 4391 miles apart (who’s counting?) makes me feel at least a smidge closer to Cath. Twin power . dressing!

We didn’t plan a whole outfit together — just one item. In this case it was a blue Uniqulo sweater from a few years ago. Cath accessorized with red lippie, a dashing hat and stripes. I swaddled my torso in the sweater and tucked it in a skirt to create a faux wrap-dress. The outfits look completely different even though the essentials are similar: black skirt, booties, and a long gold necklace. What a difference 4391 miles makes! (sniff, sniff).

twin-necklaces twin-outfits cath-hat


Dear Cath,

We’ll be on our way to Munich when you read this. It’s 4774 miles from Atlanta — so a few hundred miles further away — harumph. But I will totally What’s App you when we get there and take photos of beer gardens and fairy-tale castles and Alex and Dexin!






5 thoughts on “Twin Take: The Blue Sweater”

  1. I love this post!!! I would’ve never thought to wear that kind of sweater as a ‘wrap top’!! And you’re both ridiculously lucky with your ballet-legs! Jealous 🙂

  2. black skirt + gold necklaces + booties = you both have a hive mind! 🙂 AND are fabulously stylish! I love that your necklace holds quarters! i can think of 582347 scenarios where I could have found that super handy. Note to self: look for more practical jewelry!

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