TGIF Link Love


• What we’ll be reading this weekend: the latest issue of Gentlewoman

• Make like an AsianCajun and celebrate Holi in Lafayette, Louisiana on March 30!

• I so wish I was going to be in the states for this book tour. Tell me you guys are going to see Maddie on Things.

• How Cath and I want to dress for spring.

• Can’t wait for your first glass of rosé as the weather warms? Turns out it’s good year ’round. (Psst, I did the illustration for this article).

• What are we going to do without Google Reader *sob*? Maybe become legit bloggers by finally getting on Bloglovin (hence our link at the bottom of this post!). Also, here are 6 alternatives.

• The easiest kale salad recipe ever.

• This is something we can get behind: The 10-Year Hoodie. It’s made to last a lifetime.

• Parks and Rec fans, I give you the Ron Swanson quilt.

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10 thoughts on “TGIF Link Love”

  1. I can’t really drink wine–let along alcohol–right now, being pregnant and all. Your illustration looks lovely though!


  2. Thank you for showing the alternatives to Google reader! I’ve been stressing about what I’m going to use, although I’m hoping they’ll change their minds with all the outcry. I mean, Google glasses, Google Plus, give me a break google 🙁

  3. I’ve been reading y’all on Bloglovin’ all along – well, I mean for the 3 months since I discovered you.

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