TGIF Link Love


• What we’ll be reading this weekend: the latest issue of Gentlewoman

• Make like an AsianCajun and celebrate Holi in Lafayette, Louisiana on March 30!

• I so wish I was going to be in the states for this book tour. Tell me you guys are going to see Maddie on Things.

• How Cath and I want to dress for spring.

• Can’t wait for your first glass of rosé as the weather warms? Turns out it’s good year ’round. (Psst, I did the illustration for this article).

• What are we going to do without Google Reader *sob*? Maybe become legit bloggers by finally getting on Bloglovin (hence our link at the bottom of this post!). Also, here are 6 alternatives.

• The easiest kale salad recipe ever.

• This is something we can get behind: The 10-Year Hoodie. It’s made to last a lifetime.

• Parks and Rec fans, I give you the Ron Swanson quilt.

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10 Responses to “TGIF Link Love”

  1. Kaolee Says:

    I love your pins for springtime! I’m so excited for the spring clothes!


  2. CurryLove Says:

    I have friends who live in Lafayette and I had no clue that it had such a big Holi celebration! Happy weekend, girls!!!! :)


  3. Stacy @ Stacyverb Says:

    Thanks for listing these Reader alternatives! I need to figure out what I’ll do when it goes away.


  4. Lisa Says:

    RIP Google Reader. :(


  5. Faith Says:

    I can’t really drink wine–let along alcohol–right now, being pregnant and all. Your illustration looks lovely though!



  6. Amanda Says:

    I want that 10-year hoodie! Thanks for sharing!


    AsianCajuns Reply:

    I want it too! I know $89 sounds like a lot, but I live in hoodies at home and on weekends.


  7. Windsor Grace Says:

    Thank you for showing the alternatives to Google reader! I’ve been stressing about what I’m going to use, although I’m hoping they’ll change their minds with all the outcry. I mean, Google glasses, Google Plus, give me a break google :(


  8. Jules Says:

    I’ve been reading y’all on Bloglovin’ all along – well, I mean for the 3 months since I discovered you.


    AsianCajuns Reply:

    Yay! Thanks Jules!


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