News Alert: The Sun Came Out in Scotland!

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This is a rare, rare sight: Edinburgh basking in the sun. In fact, we’ve had three consecutive sunny days — and that hasn’t happened since August! It’s still barely more than 45 degrees, but Matt and I spent three hours Sunday morning sitting outside and clawing wiggling our fingers at the vitamin D coming from the sky.

For those of you lucky enough to be in sunny climes, let me give you a few stats about Edinburgh to put our euphoria in perspective:

• Seattle is 50% sunnier than Edinburgh (and we’re much further north, so the sun we do get is quite a bit weaker)

• Oslo is sunnier than Edinburgh 10 months out of the year

• Throughout the year, on average, Edinburgh has less than four hours of sunlight per day

• Atlanta has twice as many hours of sun per day on average than Auld Reekie (see above)

• On the shortest day of the year in Edinburgh, the sun is only 10.7° above the horizon — that’s dusk for most of the world

Edinburgh is a beautiful city, but my-oh-my can she be gloomy and moody.



Dear Cath,

You might have seen President Obama in person, but I saw THE SUN in person! Can you tell my brain has been mangled by the lack of vitamin D? All I can do is dream about sunny climates and yearn to be there. Thank goodness spring is coming or I would have to start walking around with my SAD lamp permanently strapped to my body.

Is it the weekend yet? I want to skype with you!




18 thoughts on “News Alert: The Sun Came Out in Scotland!”

  1. Lar, glad you y’all were able to enjoy the sun a few days. You look so cute! That coat is darling and your dress is fierce. Love the chain in the front. I hope you’ll have some more Vitamin D coming your way soon! 🙂

  2. Love the outfit, Lar! I would never have thought to combine those pink/purple tights with a red coat, but that looks fantastic.

    I seriously don’t know how you do it with the lack of sun. It was rainy for about a week in Atlanta last month and I just wanted to stay in bed and not do anything!

    I think this is all just a sign that you need to move back home 🙂

  3. lar you look so cute in that outfit! let me just say, you have definitely made me change my mind about ever visiting scotland (nice one!). i’m in no way a beach girl.but i don’t like rain and all. bleh!

    1. Haha! Totally understandable, Diane! Though I will say when the sun comes out here (rare though it is), it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen — Aegean, Mediterranean, Caribbean and Bahamas included. xoxoxo

  4. LOVE the outfit! Sometimes when I read these posts, I think it’s a blessing in disguise (for many reasons) this Florida girl didn’t end up in gloomy Scotland, as beautiful as it can be. I have a feeling I would’ve been tough to live with 😉 BUT. I’m definitely still jealous (for many reasons!) – I love seeing how you guys deal with all the differences, how you choose your clothes to not match the mood and how you adapt 🙂

    1. CL, you are sooo right — Edi is the best place to visit and maybe live if you aren’t affected by SAD (or constant grayness)! I never thought I would have such a hard time with the darkness here. The weather doesn’t bother me — a bit gloomy, but I’ll take it. It’s the lack of sun that total gets me. And now I completely understand why Brits always wax lyrical about California and Florida — I do too 😉

  5. THE SUN! So happy to hear that you got some Vitamin D, Lar. 🙂 And in such a gorgeous outfit too 🙂 I think I’m used to the small bits of sunshine because living in Alaska is brutal in the winter, but I love what the sunlight can do to one’s mood– it’s like an instant happiness booster!

    1. Laura, I have no business complaining about cold and lack of sun to a former Alaskan — I think I wouldn’t make it that far north. You are so right about sunlight though. I couldn’t stop smiling all sunday.
      Hope the midwestern winter is treating you well!

  6. Ok, so I was right.

    In your photographs I saw only one (very far & very wee) person in the rare bright shiny sun of Edinburgh.
    IT IS A CITY OF VAMPIRES! LEAVE NOW WHILE YOU CAN!! (They don’t all look Edward!)

    . and come back to Atlanta (the home of the Walking Dead) where the zombies are slower and more obvious (and yea, I know, uglier and probably smellier too) but it’s sunny!

    1. Hahhaa! That was because we were out and about so early, Bunkie. The city was flooded with “vampires” the rest of the day — everyone comes out to bask. That said, I still very much miss home, don’t you worry — even the zombies 😉

  7. Oh, I hear you about strapping a SAD lamp to your body! Here in Regina, SK, Canada we’re in the deep, frigid depths of winter. and while we get the sun, we also get -40C (-40F too, it seems) temps! And I’m trapped at home with a wild 2-year-old. ugh. I can’t wait to feel sunlight on my skin again, only 3-4 more months until that happens!


    1. Oh my goodness, Faith! You and Laura totally impress me with your northern living. I just looked up Regina on google maps and it right on par with London (latitude-wise), but you guys don’t get the gulf-stream — we’re a bunch of softies compared to you, Canadians.
      I’ll be crossing my fingers that you guys have an early spring this year!
      And congrats, Faith! Running after a two year old and pregnant! So amazing! xx

  8. Lar, you look beautiful girl! & I am so glad the sun is shining over you all there in Edinburgh! Time for some Vitamin D! 🙂

    Lar & Cath – I am SO happy I found your cute blog. Twin sisters blogging from across the world is probably the sweetest and coolest thing ever. You two are gorgeous and inspirational!!


  9. Hi! Your blog is great! (and I totally understand the sisterly love, although I don’t have a twin.)

    I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of boots you’re wearing in this photo? I am hunting for some new ones and love these!


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