A Cozy Pub and A Walk to the Sea

A walk to the charming little seaside village of Cramond via Lauriston Castle, and then a hearty pub lunch by the fire with furry friends.

Hope you guys have a lovely weekend!


Dear Cath,

Is there a pub/bar in Decatur where you can take Tobs, Wheatie and Boo to sit by the fire with you whilst you drink your pint? Okay, maybe Toby wouldn’t enjoy the pub scene so much (Gah! Noise! People! Indoors! Sounds!), but I think Wheatie and Boo would revel in it.

Oh and I just realized we’ll both be festivaling this weekend, right? You at the Decatur Wine Festival and me at the Edinburgh Chocolate Festival!!! I’m helping Sara out at her booth Suki Bakes — and by helping, I in no way mean standing with my mouth open under a chocolate fountain. Nope. Not. At. Allll nom nommm. . .

Miss you like mad! Oh, but let the countdown begin. what is it? Six weeks and counting!



10 thoughts on “A Cozy Pub and A Walk to the Sea”

  1. such beautiful fall photos! i LOVE this time of year.and it definitely looks like scotland is the place to be for a lovely autumn.

    p.s. i love that there are dogs in the pub. there were a few spots we would always go to when we lived in nyc where we could bring rocko. he loved going to the bar. here in pennsylvania it isn’t as dog friendly.

    1. Isn’t it so nice, Diane? Yeah lots of places in Europe seem pretty dog-friendly. I often see people with their dogs on the bus, and they (the dogs) are so well-behaved!

      1. The only dogs I ever see on the bus here are for the blind. if more people had well-behaved ones I could see it being more common, but so many people’s dogs are barely trained. Until then.


  2. Lar your photos make Scotland look so magical. And since I’ve actually been to Scotland a couple of time, I know that it really is magical. I think that’s why we and so many other people fall in love with the place.

    This is going to make be sound like a boring government employee, but their health codes must be much more lax over in Scotland. That or they’re not enforced much in small towns like Cramond and so puppies can hang out at pubs. Personally, I think every pub should have dogs in it, but I am a little biased towards the furry guys.

    We’ve taken Toby with us when we eat outside on restaurant patios and as long as there’s not another dog or a tall man that walks by, he’s usually okay. Usually 🙂

    Happy Friday! xoxo, Cath

    1. Hahaha! So, so, true, Kitcath! Thinking like a government smartie. I also don’t know how these Scots train their pups too, but they are so well behaved. They just quietly sit (next to other dogs!) while their owners munch crisps and have a few pints.
      .maybe if we took Tobs to a medieval pub with short ceilings.

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