This Farmers Market Has A Castle

I mentioned last week that Matt and I are going to stop taking this living-abroad thing for granted, and soak in all the touristy wonders of Edinburgh until our fingers are pruney. So last week was Roslin, this week is the Edinburgh Farmers Market. You might think ho-hum, Lar, we have organic arugula and overpriced broccoli sprouts too. But do you have a castle looming over your tasty veg and gluten-free-dairy-free muffins?

To impress (or annoy?) people with Edinburgh’s beauty, you can pretty much respond with that question to any statement of fact about other places:

You: Of course, we also have H&M (and Starbucks, and Topshop)!

Me: But is it in the shadow of a large medieval fortress?

You: We also have pretty parks and outdoor cafés.

Me: But is it right next to the dramatic looming cliffs of history?!

You: We have beautiful warm weather and it’s sunny more than 10% of the year!

Me: Touché, my friend, touché.


Dear Cath,

I’m so glad we got to skype yesterday! I feel like I haven’t skype-seen you in forever. Did you guys have fun at the concert?

Do you see those muffins in the pictures? They are made by two ladies who own a company called Organically Yours. The coconut muffins are sooo good and they make deeelicious gluten-free and dairy-free cookies too! Now every Saturday morning I wake up and ask Matteo if we can go get gluten-free muffins — that always has him not leaping out of bed at 8 am on Saturday.

Gluten-free Cookiesly Yours,



10 thoughts on “This Farmers Market Has A Castle”

  1. Nom nom nom. My mouth is watering for some gluten free muffins!!

    And you have every right to crow about the gloriousness that is Edinburgh. There’s just something so magical about the city, which is why everyone who visits it falls in love with it immediately.

    I love that you and Matt are being all touristy! Maybe I need to do more touristy stuff in ATL. You might have the castle and history, but we have Coca Cola and CNN! No, nevermind, you win.

    xoxo, Cath

    1. Cath, you should totally do touristy stuff in the ATL too! Let’s go to MLKs house over xmas!
      Misss youuu!

  2. That Farmer’s Market looks awesome. The closest one near me has a mall behind it, but it doesn’t look as beautiful as that castle.unless the castle was also a mall 😛

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