Friday Link Love

Sorry for the slow posting, dear readers! That’ll change next week now that I’m done with the summer semester – woohoo! And in little more than a week Lar and I will be reunited and blogging together – double woohoo! Until then, here’s some fun links for your Friday:

• Even Karl (above) loves the Olympics – here’s proof.

• Love Scoutmob’s new Shoppe program – it’s like hyper local Etsy. Only eight left of these gorgeous gold double bib necklaces.

• Downton Abbey’s Lady Mary, actress Michelle Dockery, looks stunning on the cover of Love.

• The perfect black pump for fall.

• Finally got around to watching this documentary. It’s incredibly inspiring to see someone so passionate about what they do.

• I’m actually kind of looking forward to my long flight to Scotland because I’ll finally get to catch up on some reading, and the reader in me loves this.

• Lar and I love this movie – it’s one of our guilty pleasures. I pretty much know every line word for word and even after more than a decade, I still lust after Meg Ryan’s apartment. It’s okay, you can judge us 😉

• Can’t wait to see a live dance performance next month in a life-sized two-story cardboard house!

• For you locals, come to one of the Poverty Is Real concerts at Eddie’s Attic this weekend – I’ll be there!

4 thoughts on “Friday Link Love”

  1. Excellent rundown. Bill Cunningham New York is so fantastic, right?

    P.S., I totally stand by You’ve Got Mail. Come on, it’s got Greg Kinnear!!

  2. “Mmmm can’t beat that. scotch tape.” Great links, Kitcath! Hope the Poverty Is Real concerts go well this weekend — wish I could be there!!!

  3. I am such a huge Lady Mary fan, and I think she looks so gorge gorge in that cover, blue hair and all! I’ve also just recently found the Underground NY public library blog and just LOVE it.

    ps. my husband and I did a MEGathon last year and watched a TON of Meg Ryan movies. I think that the only ones we haven’t watched were the most recent ones (like 3-4 ones, I think). I love her!

  4. You’ve Got Mail is one of my absolute favorite movies, and I’m not embarrassed to admit it! Love love love it!

    Also, love Joanna’s blog. So. Good.

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