Yay* For Short Work Weeks!

Ah, nothing like starting the work week on a Tuesday! I hope you all had Monday off and were able to get some downtime. I tried to take advantage of the long weekend by going on a picnic at Stone Mountain (30 Rock didn’t make it up, Stone Mountain, GA really does exist!), perusing the artists stalls at the Decatur Arts Festival, and having family over for a cook out on Monday.

These photos are from two weeks ago, but still applicable since I’m wearing my work uniform that I talk about here. Lisa commented on my last work wear post about how much she likes J. Crew’s No. 2 Pencil Skirts. So when I found myself at a J.Crew outlet last month, I made a beeline for the skirts. Orange is a big step for me since I usually stick with black and gray, but I’m really happy I went for such a cheery color.

Shirt from Squash Blossom Boutique (last year) • necklace from a clothing swap • J.Crew skirt • Aldo heels • TopShop jacket

It’s way too hot for a jacket in Georgia at this time of year (sorry to rub it in, Lar!), but the office is usually so cold that I have to bring some sort of jacket/cardigan/scarf-like item with me everyday. The TopShop jacket is over five years old and still one of my favorites.


Dear Lar,

I’m so happy to hear that it was “hot” in Edinburgh! I feel like Goldilocks because Edinburgh sounds too cold for me and Georgia summers are way too hot. Let’s move somewhere together where the weather is just right! L.A.? I think we might be too east coast for that.

I missed not having you with me at the Decatur Arts Festival – just like everything else, it’s not the same without you!

Last night I had this dream that you and Matt moved back to Atlanta, but didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t find out until I ran into you at the mall – I was equal parts confused, pissed off and overjoyed (and surprised to find ourselves at a mall). How’s that for a thinly veiled I-miss-my-twin dream?!

I wish I could send you some ribs and potato salad in honor of Memorial Day picnics. Next time it gets warm again in Scotland, make some Coronation Chicken for a picnic – nom, nom, nom.

Love, Cath

*Post title inspired by these magnets that Troy and I discovered at the Tattered Cover in Denver.

11 thoughts on “Yay* For Short Work Weeks!”

  1. You look gorgeous, Kitcath! And Tobs looks so cute! I love, love, love that color and am always so impressed with how many pencil skirts you wear (so much more restricting than my sweat pants attire).

    I would give anything to be walking around Lennox and then bumping into you. Maybe there is a transport I don’t know about — and your dream was trying to tell us where!

    I’m thinking of making some coronation chicken for the diamond jubilee this weekend. So wish you were going to be here!


    1. I didn’t even know the jubilee was this weekend. You absolutely must make corie chicken! And buy some more potato chips from M&S that have the queen’s face illustrated on the package. If only we had those here! xoxo, cath

  2. Pretty! Orange is a surprisingly versatile colour, and I like the way you paired your pencil skirt with sailor stripes and a statement necklace. Jenna Lyons would be so proud. 🙂

  3. That jacket looks good for its age. It always surprises me how people buy clothing and don’t take care of it. I love wearing stuff from ages ago. The orange skirt is cute to death! I need to add more color to my wardrobe and I like the look of this. The shoes are cute and the bug bite notation gave me a laugh. Glad you enjoyed your holiday! I’ve never had Coronation Chicken!

    1. Shermika, Coronation Chicken is delicious! I’m surprised how well the jacket has held up – I wish all my clothes stayed in style for that long!

      1. And Cath, that jacket is 8 years old! I remember the day we got it in Edinburgh we went to an Irish pub (in Scotland? They’re everywhere) and some guy split his pint on it as we danced to fiddle music. I must agree with Shermika and say that it’s worn quite well given its dubious beginnings.

        1. OMG, that makes me feel so old! 8 years!?!?! Was it really that long ago? And I definitely remember the beer spillage – I was so upset. If you look closely you can still see a stain – even after 3 trips to the dry cleaners.

  4. Um I love this type of office style!! Especially because I work in one right now, in fact, I work in an office by myself! It’s a school district office and everyone had their own office and I only see people at lunch and break. So it’s so funny for me to dress up, it’s really only for me. So I love to see how others do the office style 🙂

  5. Cath, you and Lar are too cute for words. SOOO glad I found your blog. First– this outfit is on point. I love the colors. On the hunt for a cute summer skirt that I can bring over to the fall. P.S.–That Toby is a keeper too!!!

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