Un-Postcards from Paris

I feel bashful sometimes sharing travel photos. It feels a bit like going “oooo look at me, I was in [name of gorgeous locale here] for the holidays, nanny-nanny-booboo!” So I promise not to inundate you guys with post after post of what we did in Paris and try to exclude images that you might be sick of: Marie-Antoinette inspired macaroons anyone?

So here are some un-postcard shots of what we saw:

We stayed a bit north of all the touristy sites, so most of our days included a lot of metro rides. This is the metro on an empty-ish day:

Lots of cute pups all around, most begging for a bit of croissant (can’t blame them):

Site-seeing (at Sacré Coeur):

This is what Cath site-saw:

Many breaks for espressos and hot chocolates:

An empty hall in the Louvre:

The same hallway peopled:

Sisters standing in front of sisters:

A fluffy pink Christmas tree in the Repetto store window:

Catching a glimpse of Mr. Karl Lagerfield, or rather Mr. Lagerfield as a doll multiplied, set in the window he designed for Printemps:

Another Printemps/Lagerfield window (see them all here):

Puppies invited in for dinner at our local restaurant:

Fluffy clouds of pink meringue:

Sitting with friends inside works of art at the Pompidou:

Another hot chocolate and croissant break:

The best part of all, getting to see Kitcath again!


Dear Kitcath,

Doesn’t this all already feel like it happened ages ago? When I think back on Paris I mostly think of our flat there and riding on over-stuffed metro cars.

I really hope you can make it back across the pond this summer! I promise not to make the weather so cold and windy if you do!



16 thoughts on “Un-Postcards from Paris”

  1. You captured our trip so well! Yes, Paris was mostly metro rides and walking quickly in the rain. . . a lot, but I loved it because we were together. It really does already feel like months ago. I’m working out a savings plan for this summer already. For some reason tickets to Edinburgh June-August are $1300, but only $950 in May. I guess the summer months are peak visiting months?
    love, cath

    1. $1300?! Maybe it’s because of the Olympics? Poo! We will make this work some how!
      p.s. Poor Mom and Dad are getting some terrible weather their last day here in Edi: 45 mph wind, possible rain and snow. Miss you!

  2. Love those windows. Reminds me of some of the ones they used to put up around Boston, but classier and more creative. 😉

    Nice to see twin together again. Thanks for sharing so we can all live vicariously.

  3. omg please don’t feel bad about showing your vacation pics! right now i can’t take a vacation and i LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing photos that people take out on their adventures. makes me feel like i’m along for the ride!
    looks like you girls had a fantastic time! and it makes me want some hot chocolate. i swear paris has the best hot chocolate in the WORLD! yummmmm!

  4. Thank you for sharing the photos. I love them. Vicarious fun. Especially love that chic little dog in picture #2.

  5. I really really really want a nice fresh bagette or croissant after reading this post. Looks like you had a fab time and my, if I lived in Paris, I would use the Louvre as a backdrop for all my posts! That place is so big, and most of it is people-less!

    Love the one of you girls in front of that painting!

  6. lol i could almost hear you say “nani nani boo boo”. Love that picture of you guys in front of the painting of the sisters. And your pic of the chocolate croissant is making me drool right now.

    So glad you girls had a good reunion in Paris!

    Happy New Year!

  7. Oh, wow, that poofy pink Christmas tree is to DIE for!!! Love seeing Paris through you guys’ eyes– the photos are wonderful!

  8. i chuckled at the sisters in front of sisters photo 🙂 looks like you guys had a mah-velous reunion and trip!! hope your 2012 has been great so far!!


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