In Defense of Purple

I stumbled upon an amazing tent sale in Decatur this weekend that was filled with super-discounted Crate & Barrel items. I missed the opening rush, but still walked away 3 great finds –  two lavender-colored quilted pillow shams and a purple throw pillow. It wasn’t until I brought my items home that I realized how many purple items I have collected over the years.

These were just the handful of purple things that were in my living room/bedroom:

I honestly didn’t realize how much I liked purple until today – and it’s not just a particular type of purple (as you can see in the photo above), it’s every shade of the hue. So, that got me thinking about fashion and how each season has a handful of “it” colors – and how it’s rarely ever purple. Why is that? Is it too witchy? Too old fashion? No one wore a purple dress to the Golden Globes. Pantone has never chosen it as the Color of the Year. And Prince was really the last one to really rock the color – or at least give it its own song.

So in defense of the color, I pulled together some of my favorite purple fashion photos just to prove to myself that I’m not alone in my love for it.

I love the jewel tone purples Emma Watson wears in this editorial. It almost makes me want to get a subscription again to Teen Vogue.

{Teen Vogue}

{Teen Vogue}

More of a grayish purple, Tim Walker did a brilliant job mirroring the Mulberry outfits with purple hydrangeas:

{The Women’s Room}

I absolutely love it when there’s a little hint of purple in an outfit – probably explains why I own 4 purple scarves.

{The Sart}

I think lavender is flattering on everyone. I’m on the lookout for a sweater just like this one.

{Miss Moss: Colour Comparisons}

Lar and I use to read John Bellair books when we were young and I remember one of his characters, Mrs. Zimmerman, had a whole house decorated in purple. She’s an old, eccentric character and I’m a little worried that I’ll become Mrs. Zimmerman. I might start making a conscious effort to start buying more gray things. . . I’ll keep you posted.

17 thoughts on “In Defense of Purple”

  1. Oh you’re preaching to the choir here, Cath! I love me some purple and so does my mother. Miss Watson especially suits purple. The only shade I hesitate to wear (except for shoes) is lavender because it makes me look a bit corpse-like.

  2. True story-my babysitter was fired when I was little for letting my baby sister and i watch Prince’s “purple rain”. (she maybe also stole some makeup from my stepmom, but that’s neither here nor there-crazy teenagers!). anyway, loving the jewel tones of purple!

  3. I love the Emma Watson pics! I’ve noticed that I’ve been buying a ton of green. Not sure why Perhaps it’s because I used to buy a lot of purple and wear them when I shop, thus, green things pop.

  4. I LOVE Purple and Lavender ! I even painted my bedroom two tone lavender/pinkish purple because I couldn’t decide on the final color lol. I have a thing for Lavender/Purple shoes.

  5. I went to a friend’s wedding last summer and they had a purple colored wedding (one of our 2 college colors) and it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. It made me fall in love with purple when I’m normally a pink girl.

    Also Emma Watson is awesome. Love her!

  6. I’m all for purple. It’s a royal color, and yes, you’re right, very, very underrated and underused. But I think that’s what makes it so special when it is featured! Kind of like magenta, just not as super feminine.

    And teal.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  7. i totally went thru an all purple phase, everything i bought was purple!

    oh yeah, please let me know next time there’s a tent sale like this!! 🙂

  8. I’ve noticed that I too have been more drawn to purple (and red!) lately. guess my psyche got tired of me dressing in gray and black everyday. Ha ha!


  9. I really love purple – and I own several items in that color! I think it looks good with my coloring. I have noticed though that my fair-toned friends don’t always like the bright purples because it washes them out.

  10. oh so glad that i found another purple lover!
    i really like purple a lot 😀
    and yes yes it is such an amazing colour, in every hue if i may add


  11. purple is totally a gorgeous color – but you’re right – I totally don’t give it the light of day, even when it deserves some recognition! I do own a lot of purple but it’s just one of those colors I forget about sometimes.

  12. HeLLO.
    purple was my grandmother’s favorite color. it reminds me so much of her. im starting to like it more and more myself now- and this helps even more 😉
    love the photo of emma watson- amazing dress!
    hope you’re both having a good week girls

  13. Purple and lavender are some of my gave colours. I totally remember that brilliant Emma Watson shoot – she looks adorable.

    I think some pple are intimidated by purple.

  14. I also love a pop of purple. i don’t think I have ever professed a love for purple but I also seem to have a lot. It’s a nice, rich touch.
    And the purple blouse that EW is wearing? gah! Want!

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