Wearing Boots on the Beach

How was everyone’s Christmas? Lar and I had a great week. Spending the holiday on Tybee Island with family and friends is pretty much as good as it gets – delicious home cooked meals, great company, daily frolicing on the beach and three crazy dogs running around non-stop.

Lar and the rest of the gang are still in Tybee. Troy and I only stayed for a few days because we both had to get back to work this week, hurumph. We took a couple of photos at the beach on our last day. It was cold and windy, but Wheatie didn’t seem to mind.

I’ll leave you with this pic of my Simply Bags bag because I love how it fit right into the scenery at Tybee (you can see Lar’s Simply Bags bag being attacked by alligators here). Is it weird that it makes me giddy when my bags match my vacation?

Once Lar gets back to Atlanta with her camera, we’ll have a lot more fun photos to show off from the trip and some super exciting news that I won’t give away, but here’s a hint, it rhymes with schmen-schmagment.

Bauble Twins

So these necklaces aren’t actually Christmas presents, but Cath and I noticed the other day (pre-Christmas) that we were both wearing our Madewell baubles. (Who else still thinks Madewell is the jam? Me! Me!). We both bought ours on sale because we usually can’t afford regularly priced Madewell items.

Did you guys have a good holiday? Cath and I are still on Tybee Island (it snowed on the beach today!), but Cath is going back to work tomorrow (sniffle). I’ll be here another couple of days – woohoo!- and then have to make up my time off over New Years – le boo.

p.s. As per the last photo of this post, don’t you think Boo wears these baubles the best?

Happy Holidays, Lovelies!

On Cath: shirt, thrifted; skirt and tights, AA; black oxfords, H&M; bracelet, Aldos. On Lar: hat from a small shop in New Orleans; thrifted Michel Kors rain jacket via Finders Keepers; tunic from Forever21; boots from Asos.com; purse from Ann Taylor.

Cath and I are spending the holidays in Tybee Island/Savannah with friends and family. We’ve rented a big house near the ocean that has porches off of every room and a gorgeous view of the sunrise. It’s kind of a zoo here, we have three doggies, eight people and lots of stuff packed into this marsh house on stilts which makes it feel pretty perfect for a cozy Christmas.

Tonight we’re going to midnight mass in the historic part of Savannah: hanging moss, old stone buildings, and Christmas carols – I can’t wait!

We hope you all are having a wonderful break be it for Christmas or just a holiday heading into the new year!


Lar (and Cath- who is currently driving down from Atlanta to meet us- get here soon, lady!)

Red Tights and Recycled Wrapping Paper

Blazer, H&M; Shirt, AE; Skirt, H&M (circa 2002); Scarf, gifted; Red tights, Carrefour (the European Walmart); Purse, thrifted at Finders Keepers, Boots, Frye.

It’s a short week, Christmas is just around the corner, and DADT was repealed. this is a good Monday, people! I decided to celebrate with bright red tights (shown) and a few well-executed jigs (not shown- count your lucky stars).

Poor Kitcath (aka Cath) has been sick for about a week now. That’s why the blog has been very Lar-heavy lately- and I apologize for that! Know that she looked really cute today even while slumped in her chair with the sniffles. Next time I will sneak some photos of her sinus congestion or no.

Oh! Another less globally applicable positive to the week? I finished my Christmas gift wrapping! Most years I try to get creative with newspaper (generally I hate the look of wrapping paper and feel bad for killing all those wrapping paper trees- so festive). This year I used old paper shopping bags and craft paper (the kind you wrap your breakable IKEA stuff in after you check out), glitter, gold tissue paper and burlap as ribbon. I’m really happy with the result. What I’m less happy about? The four plus hours it took me to do it. Next time, present recipients, I’m tossing it in a plastic shopping bag and calling it a day.

P.S. I did a guest post on The Owl’s Closet today about what to get your book wormie friends (or me) for the holidays. Thanks for asking me, AB!

Yeahhhh Burgers and Cartoon People!

So last weekend Matteo (also known as “bf” ’round these here parts) and I finally made it over to Yeah Burgher! Atlanta loves a good burger (hello, Grindhouse and Farm Burger, we drool for you too).

The burgers were indeed mighty fine, but what really sold me were the illustrations on everything: the walls, the menus, my burger (via a sticker). As a graphic designer who would secretly love to do more illustration, I kind of drool and get green with envy when I see stuff this gosh-darn perfect.

Hat: H&M, Coat: Victoria Secrets (ironic to buy outerwear from them, non?), Sweater: Lands End, Boots: thrifted via Finders Keepers, Jeans: Madewell, Purse: Ann Taylor.

Glasses: Warby Parker, Blazer: H&M, Mustache curls: the opposite of gravity.

That’s my veggie burger on the left and Matteo’s real deal beef burger on the right. Yarmmmm.

Crispy, flaky onion rings

Awww just look at that guy! I couldn’t eat him! Well, actually I could and I did, but I thanked him (silently) the whole time we were there.

There’s another reason I feel an affinity to Cartoon People (the general cartoon population be they Adult Swim or Disney), I’ve been told I sound like one. On multiple occasions, in different settings, by different people. I guess that’s better than looking like one, right? One guy actually said I needed to stop my current job and get a job at the Cartoon Network (conveniently located in the great city of Atlanta). By the look on his face, I can tell you, he thought that was a compliment and would go over really well. like me saying “Whoa, Sailor, let’s start with dinner first.” It didn’t.

One day you might hear me on a vlog, and you will probably agree (I tend to get squeakier when I’m more excited or nervous). In person, that’s one way people tell Cath and I apart. Her voice hits normal, soothing octaves, and mine makes dogs wince at times. Wait, is it that bad? I don’t really think about it until someone says, “You sound exactly like.” And then I wince.

Holiday Blah-diddy Bloops

Holiday Blah-diddy Bloops/ noun/ hall-ee-deh blahh-deh-di blew-oops:
1. What happens around the holidays when you are so busy with the fun things (parties, gift-buying) and the not-so-fun things (work deadlines, obligatory holiday todos). You don’t have another free moment until the new year and by then all the warm fuzzy holiday feelings you were planning on savoring have whooshed by.

2. A made-up AsianCajun expression


Here are a few things that have been going on in AsianCajun holiday land:

1) We finally met Sheemeka Ayers (aka The Broke Socialite)!!! What a sweetie, and a gorgeous lady to boot. For those of you who aren’t familiar with TBS, she is pretty much the most famous blogger in Atlanta. For reals. What the AsianCajuns are to about 25 people, Sheemeka is for the entire city. She is one inspiring lady.

2) Anddd we met Annette Joseph!!! – the same day we met Sheemeka! It was nearly too much ATL-celebrity for my easily-overwhelmed brain. Annette is the lady when it comes to amazing styling, and yet another person whom I look all googly-eyed at. You might have seen her on Goop (she renovated and decorated Gwyneth P’s pad in Nashville). Cath and I ran into Annette at Sheemeka’s (un)conference Lavish, where Annette showed her adoring fans how to style a room for a photo shoot (read more about it on her blog).

3) We wore victorian Christmas crowns and told stories at the  Chronicle Christmas party. Party-goers paid us to read Christmas stories and do a mini-danced version of the Nutcracker. All the money went to The Wren’s Nest– huzzah!

(Below: this is what happens when you let your storytellers have a few glasses of white wine before storytelling).

4) Receiving the best Christmas card ever from Diane at Snapshot for Fashion. Thank you, Diane! (she even captured my hair poof!)

5) Watching this awesomely inspiring short video about Toys for Tots. Locals, donate here. Non-locals, donate here.

6) Planning some last minute Christmas shopping at Mama’s holiday market this Saturday (p.s. this is not the AsianCajun’s Mama. Mama is a local store that sells all natural body products- made locally). Our favorite local jeweler June Shin will be there! Mama is located right by the best cookie place in the world The Cookie Studio. Might as well kill two birds with one stone this weekend: Christmas shopping and obligatory holiday weight gain. Perfect!

And next week even more madness will descend. So far our Blah-diddy Bloops have been just awesome, but I’m hoping to scrape together a less harried week next week.

How do you guys make sure you don’t just speed through the holiday season? Tell us what you guys are up to too! We know we’re not the only ones running like crazy holiday headless chickens (what?!). Exactly.

Best Dressed: Ramona West

I’ve been a regular stalker shopper at Ramona West for about a year now. Cath and I have always been big thrifters, but usually in person at places like Good Will and Salvation Army. Online vintage shopping usually makes my palms sweat: will that just look like a costume on me? will it smell extra funky? is the material super-itchy? is that a muumuu and can I pull it off*?

But the minute Daily Candy introduced me to Ramona, my palms stopped sweating and I felt instantly at ease. These vintage pieces are carefully edited and tweaked to look a bit more modern, and the simple joy at knowing that not everyone and his sister will be wearing the same thing as me makes it my go-to site (buh-bye, Urban).

So here are a few pieces that I have from Ramona (probs about half of my “RW collection”):

1) 1970s mini (tights are from high school and boots are old AE).

2) Polka-dot mini (belt from Madewell, boots are 5-year old Target buys).

3) *This piece I call The Muumuu, but I say that with true affection. I saw this on the site and fell in love. I’ve always had a thing for poppies (it started with my early obsession with the Wizard of Oz), and these are hand-painted and gorgeous. I know this is the kind of piece that makes my less-fashionably interested friends question my sartorial sanity. I completely understand. I really do. It makes me love this muumuu more. (Tassel earrings are from the Etsy shop IHeartNorwegianWood).

I can certainly understand why vintage isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I love how unique and gorgeous it can be. Is it harder to wear than jeans and a t-shirt? Definitely. But the effort is worth it, even if people look at you with raised eyebrows, as they adjust their fleece Northface jackets and shuffle past you in their Uggs.

Atlanta Snow!

We had our first flurry snowfall of the year in Atlanta today.  Now before all you Northerners laugh, just believe me that this little dusting (see deck floor in photo below) is considered snow in Georgia so I don’t want to hear any snickering!

I got Troy to take these photos so I could prove to you all that it snowed, but we didn’t stay out long because we were freezing. Our Georgia blood doesn’t do well with the cold. Wheatie, however, didn’t seem to mind the cold at all under his white, fluffy fur coat.

I almost didn’t post this photo because it’s not styled right – it’s obvious I’m freezing, my shirt sleeves look all wonky and there’s a crease running along the front of my top. However I wanted to include a better shot of the sweater I bought two weeks ago. Outfit details: H&M hat, sweater from Lilo boutique in Inman Park, American Apparel shirt, Ann Taylor pants, Frye boots and my new phone-friendly gloves!

I bought these gloves (please ignore all the dog fur) at Squash Blossom Boutique in Decatur. The little nylon bits on the thumbs and index fingers allow me to use the touchscreen on my phone without having to take my glove off every time I want to answer a phone call, text or look something up. I had seen similar gloves like these before, but I just figured they weren’t worth it. It wasn’t until I tested them out on my phone at the store that I realized how brilliant they are. I highly recommend a pair for anyone out there with a touchscreen phone.

Our dad’s birthday is tomorrow, which means we’ll be helping our mom make him a delicious meal and ending the night with a slice of ice cream cake (his favorite).

Hope you all have a great start to the week!

Atlanta/Decatur Tastes Real Good

One of the many, many great things about our Southern home is, not surprisingly, the food. Gawd, is it good! I know other cities have delicious food too, but one thing that makes Atlanta/Decatur greater is the price points. Up in D.C. I could never really afford to eat the really good stuff. Down here, high Zagat ratings or mentions of James Beard Awards don’t make my hands shake when I hand over my credit card at the end of a meal.

To break up a busy Saturday, my bf and I decided to finally try JCT Kitchen (in West Midtown) for lunch. So delicious – and we came in at about $30 for both our lunches (including a coffee and dessert). I can certainly swing that once a week (when I go light on the thrift shopping).

Potato dumplings:

Shrimp and grits (with a poached egg on top)

The most delicious coffee I’ve had in a long while:

Georgia fried apple pie with vanilla ice cream and pitcher (not shown) of butterscotch sauce:

Outfit details: thrifted camel coat, hat from Tarjay, boots from America Eagle (years ago), sweater from Old Navy, scarf (as belt) from H&M, nude jersey dress from Lila Boutique in Inman Park, vegan-friendly purse from Vivid Boutique in Decatur.


In remembrance of Elizabeth Edwards, one of our heroes.

Wintertime Cleaning

In between holiday shopping, Tour of Homes attending, and Wren’s Nest decorating, I’ve been doing a little bit of cleaning on my desktop and found a few photos that I haven’t posted.

Around Town

Inside Belly General Store in Virginia Highland.

Stopped by Cacao in Inman Park yesterday with my mom. The shop interior is decorated in silver, white and blue and smells amazing. It reminds me of a smaller, modern version of the shop in Chocolate.

Lar in Nandina Home & Design in Inman Park.


Shortly after I moved into my studio apartment in July I promised to post photos of my place. . . and then never did. So here’s few – finally. Above is my “dining room” in my kitchen and below is my living room/bedroom.


My bf is loves making customized shirts for his friends. He made me this one that says “Asian Cajun Darth Vajun” and photoshopped a photo of me with Darth Vader. I love it.

Boo Radley trying on his Christmas sweater.