Red Tights and Recycled Wrapping Paper

Blazer, H&M; Shirt, AE; Skirt, H&M (circa 2002); Scarf, gifted; Red tights, Carrefour (the European Walmart); Purse, thrifted at Finders Keepers, Boots, Frye.

It’s a short week, Christmas is just around the corner, and DADT was repealed. this is a good Monday, people! I decided to celebrate with bright red tights (shown) and a few well-executed jigs (not shown- count your lucky stars).

Poor Kitcath (aka Cath) has been sick for about a week now. That’s why the blog has been very Lar-heavy lately- and I apologize for that! Know that she looked really cute today even while slumped in her chair with the sniffles. Next time I will sneak some photos of her sinus congestion or no.

Oh! Another less globally applicable positive to the week? I finished my Christmas gift wrapping! Most years I try to get creative with newspaper (generally I hate the look of wrapping paper and feel bad for killing all those wrapping paper trees- so festive). This year I used old paper shopping bags and craft paper (the kind you wrap your breakable IKEA stuff in after you check out), glitter, gold tissue paper and burlap as ribbon. I’m really happy with the result. What I’m less happy about? The four plus hours it took me to do it. Next time, present recipients, I’m tossing it in a plastic shopping bag and calling it a day.

P.S. I did a guest post on The Owl’s Closet today about what to get your book wormie friends (or me) for the holidays. Thanks for asking me, AB!

26 thoughts on “Red Tights and Recycled Wrapping Paper”

  1. OHh i love these red tights and when you guys share your creative side with us! Cath.hope you’re feeling better before X-mas. The blogosphere misses you! Thanks for the bike helmet suggestion.I’ll have to write a post about that.

    Lar-I’m glad you enjoyed my wedding dress story! =)

  2. lar- well i might have mistaken myself. im old . so you can’t be older than me im 26– so it might’ve been college for me too?
    sometime translating words can be hard- you know it’s not my mother language 😉
    anyways LOVE that bag you got there, and you look so chic
    have a great day you both- thanks for your kind comments

  3. you are blowing my mind with the wrapping paper. well done lady! and the outfit-the red is fab! (also, i had a secret love affair with Carrefour when I lived in France-bought the BEST pair of neon pink puma/type shoes there).

  4. But the presents look BEAUTIFUL! I too love the look of craft paper and tissue over sparkly, printed wrapping paper. Love the tights as well, can’t go wrong with red ones!


    p.s. Hope Cath feels better by Christmas.

  5. You have inspired my gift wrapping- I was going to use newspaper as well, but am now going to search the basket of paper bags. Have a great holiday!

  6. Red tights and a scarf make for a very festive casual outfit. Love it. Sorry to hear that Cath is sick, but I hope she recovers before Christmas. As for wrapping, kudos to you for getting creative and recycling materials even if it did take a long time! I’m one of those people who saves tissue paper and ribbon from other people’s gifts to re-use later on lol. It does make for more creative wrapping, but yeah, it takes ages.

  7. Nice pics, Lar. The filter effect you put on those outfit pics of yourself is awesome. For the record, all future outfit pics of both of you guys should be taken at that same exact location, with that same exact filter effect. I love it.

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