9 to 5

Lar and I have figured out that if we meet up after work, we can manage to get a few outfit photos in for the blog.  I was working late today so she came to visit me at my office.

I love Lar’s color combination of red and turquoise – gorgeous! Her dress is from Ramona West, Old Navy cardi, J. Crew belt and Frye boots.

She found this awesome clutch at a second-hand shop in North Georgia. I think it’s the perfect over-sized clutch.

I started the day out with my nude pumps, but I had a couple of errands during the work day so the chuck-t’s came out. The sweater is from J.Crew (ages ago), the scarf was picked up in Egypt by my lovely friend Ali, Michele watch and Gap pants that are supposedly “cropped” pants. . . hmmmm. . . .

Hope you guys are having a good week. Mine has gotten much better now that I have the GRE behind me ( I took it on Monday and have been studying like a mad woman) and Lar came over to, er, help me at the office.

22 thoughts on “9 to 5”

  1. Lar- the turquoise with red is such a great ideaI’ll have to try becoming more adventurous in my dressing. What kind of nail polish do you have on? It’s the perfect silverit doesn’t blind you with its metallic reflection!

    I love the photos of you two in the office! Sooo cute!

  2. Genius idea! Mel and I would totally do this. but we work so dang far away. We never have a chance to take pics after work. Love Lar’s color combo. so refreshing! You look cute wearing that scarf!

    xx, becs

  3. You both look great! Hehe I’m wearing Chucks today too.

    So just between us petite girls, do you ever try on cropped pants hoping they’re long enough to be normal pants on you, but they come up just a tad short and you have to settle for buying the ones with long inseams and hemming them? Or is that just me?

  4. You girls are too cute and fabulous at the same time. I’m loving Lar’s boots and Cath’s scarf! I’ve been hunting for some good scarves with nice print, but no luck so far. Too bad Egypt is too far.

  5. You both look great! I love the red + turquoise on Lar and that scarf is great, Cath! Congrats on being done with the GRE!

    I may be coming to Decatur this weekend. let you know if I do!

  6. you girls look like youre having a lot of fun! and i adore both your looks. lauren looks like she came right out of the sixties (especially in the last shot) and you cat look so effortless chic and casual
    hope youre having a good week
    take care

  7. I LOVE Lar’s sweater and dress combo ! The colors are Fabulous together! That ring is Amazing ! It reminds me of the YSL Arty ring. Beautiful ! I am also loving your scarf.

  8. You ladies always look like you’re having the best time in your posts. The oversized clutch is such an amazing find. I once tried to oversized clutch out for a few days and realised I carried far too much stuff to keep going for much longer. The contrast between the casual chic and sophisticated professional is great too!

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