Northface is for Sissies

Cath and I brought nearly identical outfits to mountains last weekend: sunglasses, faux-flannels, skinny cargos/jeans, and Frye boots. You know I own a pair of Northface (ugly) pants and a practical fleece, but the thought of packing practically made my face do what it’s doing in the photo above right.

Here’s Cath’s version of chic mountainwear:

On Cath: flannel and tee from H&M? Blank cargos from Rockit Boutique (but you can also get them at Shopbop), Frye boots, gifted Michael Stars sunnies, gifted Saddleback bag.

My (Lar’s) version:
I have that crocheted poncho draped around my mountain outfit tableau (so natural, I know!) because it’s one of my favorite cold-weather pieces in my closet. Knitted by my uber-talented Aunt Lizzie, it keeps me very warm and puts most of my low-quality trendy clothes to shame.

On Lar/me: flannel and bag are thrifted, jeans are Blank, boots are Frye, sunnies are gifted Michael Stars, and the bracelets are a mix from NOVICA and AE.

Oh and I included this gratuitous shot of my sunglasses below because I love the purple/brown colors on the inside of the frames (the outside is dark brown). I love a little oo-la-la for the wearer.

10 thoughts on “Northface is for Sissies”

  1. you girls are still just as adorable as ever! looking by your pics make me want to spend some quality time outdoors . . . and i’m definitely not an outdoorsy type! 😉

  2. The styling in some of these photographs are catalog-worthy!

    I will say however that nothing, not even these gorgeous photos, make me want to go outdoors. I am just not an outdoorsy let’s-go-hike-the-Andes-today kind of gal. Give me a computer, a latte, heater in the winter and A/C in the summer, and I’m good.

  3. LOL, love the title of this post!! I’m a sissy b/c I drag my Northface gear with me to the mountains haha!=P Wow, you girls are so stylin’ in ur mountain outfits!! Love both versions and that poncho is amazing! Your aunt is very talented:) Loving the pics below, too! Such a gorgeous area!

    Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween!:)

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