Northface is for Sissies

Cath and I brought nearly identical outfits to mountains last weekend: sunglasses, faux-flannels, skinny cargos/jeans, and Frye boots. You know I own a pair of Northface (ugly) pants and a practical fleece, but the thought of packing practically made my face do what it’s doing in the photo above right.

Here’s Cath’s version of chic mountainwear:

On Cath: flannel and tee from H&M? Blank cargos from Rockit Boutique (but you can also get them at Shopbop), Frye boots, gifted Michael Stars sunnies, gifted Saddleback bag.

My (Lar’s) version:
I have that crocheted poncho draped around my mountain outfit tableau (so natural, I know!) because it’s one of my favorite cold-weather pieces in my closet. Knitted by my uber-talented Aunt Lizzie, it keeps me very warm and puts most of my low-quality trendy clothes to shame.

On Lar/me: flannel and bag are thrifted, jeans are Blank, boots are Frye, sunnies are gifted Michael Stars, and the bracelets are a mix from NOVICA and AE.

Oh and I included this gratuitous shot of my sunglasses below because I love the purple/brown colors on the inside of the frames (the outside is dark brown). I love a little oo-la-la for the wearer.

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10 Responses to “Northface is for Sissies”

  1. Emma Says:

    I Love the colorful bag and Sunglasses ! You girls look very Chic out in the wilderness.


  2. WendyB Says:

    Is that a Snookie-style hair pouf that I see?


  3. Sally Says:

    Geez, you both do rugged chic with such aplomb!


  4. anh Says:

    j’adore the boots on you both!! great outfits too! love love love


  5. Olivia Says:

    ugh, just come to CA and dress me please, i need help!


  6. xs Says:

    you girls are still just as adorable as ever! looking by your pics make me want to spend some quality time outdoors . . . and i’m definitely not an outdoorsy type! ;)


  7. sunny Says:

    The styling in some of these photographs are catalog-worthy!

    I will say however that nothing, not even these gorgeous photos, make me want to go outdoors. I am just not an outdoorsy let’s-go-hike-the-Andes-today kind of gal. Give me a computer, a latte, heater in the winter and A/C in the summer, and I’m good.


  8. The Owl's Closet Says:

    LOL, love the title of this post!! I’m a sissy b/c I drag my Northface gear with me to the mountains haha!=P Wow, you girls are so stylin’ in ur mountain outfits!! Love both versions and that poncho is amazing! Your aunt is very talented:) Loving the pics below, too! Such a gorgeous area!

    Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween!:)


  9. Clare Says:

    Yeah, you guys kind of rock mountain chic. I desperately want/need/must have some flannel shirts this year.


  10. ediot Says:

    wow these outfits are great! and i really really want that embroidered bag. its so cute!


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