Things We’re Loving

So apparently there was a giant pillow fight in Piedmont Park last weekend. I didn’t hear about it until I saw this photos on Josh Weiss’ blog. Damn! How did I not hear about this?!

  • Lar and I are in love with these hipster/cheap-ish glasses available at Warby Parker.
  • One of our favorite Atlanta fashion bloggers, Jinah, looks absolutely gorgeous in her Atlanta Magazine feature.
  • The folks behind this New Zealand Book Council ad are brilliant.
  • Of course we know how wonderful Alexander McQueen’s fashion was, but you’ll also love his art direction throughout the past 13 years for Dazed Digital.
  • Refinery29’s top 5 spring fashion issues is our idea of March Madness.
  • We love the fact that Tesco is making a line of clothes out of its leftover stock.
  • Wondering if Forever21 will make a knock off version of the sunglasses snapped by The Sart and Vanessa Jackman.
  • Currently lusting after this Madewell bag.

23 thoughts on “Things We’re Loving”

  1. ohmygosh! That pillow fight looks so amazing loved all the photo’s that were catptured. it would be sooo great if our little community held one here !!! hope you ladies are doing great!! is the weather warming up?? spring is just around the corner!!

    oooo will you two be watching Alice In Wonderland this weekend?? Can’t wait!! So excited.

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. hey ladies!! how y’all doing 🙂 great list of loves! jinah is super adorable!

    btw we just started an online shop! check it out 🙂

  3. soo yayy I have joined the blogging world Cath and Lar:) I love you two!! Kepp up the greatness you two are with this page!!!

  4. I heard about it after the fact too! But I see we get a second chance 🙂 Love the red tights below on Lar and will go check out fellow atlantan blogger Jinah now! Thanks for sharing as always xoxo

  5. Thanks for the writeup Cath and Lar!

    I’d been meaning to write about it myself, but between exams and not being able to find hard copy, haven’t done so.

    And I love everything Madewell. If y’all are shopping again, I feel like the store is always worth a trip.

  6. A giant pillow fight??? NO WAY! That is awesome. Sorry you gals missed out!

    Oh and that bag is quite lust worthy 😉

    Happy weekend, you two!

  7. I’m glad about that, too. the Tesco thing. It’s time people do something sustainable, esp those big box discounters. Target doesn’t do nearly enough to green up its retail.

    And Walmart, don’t get me started on them.

    Hey! I’m doing a giveaway of a professional $359 ceramic ion iron at If you’re interested, you should check it out!

    XOs, darlings!

  8. PS, a pillow fight in the sun in the park sounds perfectly delightful right about now. I’m so sick of snow. It may hit 45 tomorrow, but it’s still 21 at night. UGH. MI sucks.

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