Bottega Veneta for $1.60!!!!!!!!!

So, my plan the next couple of days was to show you the awesome faux fur vest Cath made for me and the way my mom wrapped our Christmas prezies in Vogue patterns- all of which I still plan to do. BUT! Before any of that can happen, we must take a moment and give thanks to the designer purse gods and the fabulous people at Goodwill at North Lake for letting this precious gem slip through their fingers.

I give you my first designer bag (first designer anything) EVER. Welcome to my closet, Beautiful Bottega. Content warning: forthcoming purse porn:





For those of you interested in the back-story of how this amazing thing became mine for only $1.60, here goes it:

My mom and I were doing some thrift shopping to cure our cabin fever. First stop, Goodwill. I had an armload of jackets (a Chanel knock-off, a silk hot pink blazer, etc.) and books (can never have too many) and was tottering up to the cash register. Next to the register was the 50% off table (yes, it was on the freakin’ 50% off table!!!). If the wonderful people in line hadn’t been there, I would have checked out and never glanced to my right, where Bottega was sitting demurely on top of porcelain kitty figurines and 80s VHS work-out videos. I picked up the purse (it felt like butter!), and I was like “Mom, this looks so much like a Bottega Veneta bag.” Whilst saying “it’s a great knock-off,” I opened the flap and nearly lost it when I saw the label. My eyes grew to the size of serving platters and I started to hyperventilate – drawing attention from the other shoppers in my line. My mom kept mumbling “keep your cool, keep your cool.” I was sure the Goodwill police we’re closing in, ready to snatch my gem from my hands.

Luckily I made it safely undetected through the line. When the cashier said $1.60, my mouth fell open and I think I drooled for a solid 3 seconds before coming to my senses (there hadn’t been a price tag on the bag- I would have bought it for a 100 times that!).

I’ve been hyperventilating ever since.

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