Merry Christmas, Lovely Readers!!!

We hope you all are having a wonderful holidays- we wish we could celebrate with you all (one big AsianCajun holiday party- one year this will have to happen ;)).


Cath and I donned our ugly Christmas sweaters just for you (and Becs’ party over at Style with Benefits). Cath’s talented bf Troy Cono, took these photos, thus sacrificing his eyes to the delight of our puffy-paint, doily-decorated Christmas funfest of sweatshirt wear! Both sweaters are from Clothing Warehouse in Atlanta. Cath and I paired the sweaters with black platforms (thigh-highs for me) and leggings.¬†

p.s. Do you see the built-in collar on my sweater (psst- I’m on the right)? Sold!


If you need some more AsianCajun reading during your Holiday break, head on over to June Shin’s blog for our interview¬†complete with baby pictures. While you’re at it, check out June’s gorgeous jewelry too- a little post-holiday shopping for yourself. Thanks for featuring us, June!

And a shout out to the beautiful¬†B a la Moda as well. Have you guys seen her blog? This lovely lady from Madrid, Spain has the best suggestions for how to wear tricky trends- all on video (with English subtitles for those of us that didn’t do as well in Spanish class as we wanted). Thanks for the award, B!!! We are honored!


A few of you inquired about our cutie Boo Radley in the post below. He’s actually our parents’ new addition to the family (we would steal him away but our landlord doesn’t allow pups in our apartment- le sigh). You can read about him in this post and see him with his hair shorn – he’s looking a bit more handsome now. I’ve always said I like a man in a hat:


Another happy, happy holidays to you all!!!


Lar & Cath

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19 Responses to “Merry Christmas, Lovely Readers!!!”

  1. EmilyKennedy Says:

    Happy holidays you cuties in the evil sweaters!


  2. noormol Says:

    the year you guys have a holiday party I am SO flying out for it!!
    happy holidays!


  3. Lucy Says:

    AWWW Your pup’s name is Boo Radley!!! That’s sooo cute! I hope you girls have a lovely holiday! xo


  4. Farrielle Says:

    Merry Christmas girls hope your having a great day with your family. I am a follower but I do not know what seems to be the problem I do not get updates when you post on your blog.


  5. Danielle Says:

    Merry Merry Christmas!!!!! I hope you all have a great day! I love your sweatshirts :)


  6. Sher Says:

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to the both of you!! You girls look smashing in your ugly sweaters:P

    Congrats on the award and oh your lil pup is the cutest!!

    *big hugs*


  7. June Shin Says:

    Nice sweaters! You guys wear them so stylishly. ;)


  8. Katy at A Life Fulfilled: Atlanta Says:

    Merry Christmas, Lar and Cath!

    Love the holiday sweaters. I hope YOU ladies got everything on your lists, too!

    I have another “Christmas” left (at my mom’s) but have already racked up with a pair of killer brown boots (one of the pairs on my “boot envy” post) and a Kindle!

    Cheers to a fabulous 2010!


  9. Heidi Says:

    Oh I love a good ugly Christmas sweater ;)
    Hope you ladies are having a blast!!


  10. alixrose Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to wish me a merry christmas it was very merry without snow, who knew? :)
    Love the Christmas sweaters, Man I forgot bec was throwing that party because I have the perfect sweater. Oh well next year.

    Just wanted to say I laughed at the Haus of Gaga post too. Hilarious!


  11. Melissa~ Says:

    My aunt brought me a sweater like that one…I love it (not!)
    I’m waiting for the Asian Cajuns holiday party, one day.
    and boo look so sweet!!
    thanks for the comment girls!!



  12. Faith Says:

    Oh la la! Stunning indeed… haha. Happy Holidays!



  13. Fashion Tidbits Says:

    hope you had a merry xmas and will have a happy new yr, asian cajuns!


  14. Ace Says:

    Oh you guys are too cute. I still love that hat by the way!


  15. sharon rose Says:

    Hi there-you gals couldn’t look ugly in clothes if you tried, you both manage to look gorgeous in this picture, LOL! Love the new puppy, how cute! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas my dears, have a great week ahead!!


  16. indigo Says:

    oooh those sweaters are heinous in the most awesome way ever! I hope you had a wonderful christmas.


  17. Lesley N Says:

    Thanks for the Christmas wishes :) I hope you both had an awesome Christmas as well!

    Love the sweaters too! The coziness and the doily lined heart appear relaxed enough to wear to a family function, yet the collar indicates it’s business-y enough to wear to the office ;). Now that’s some great multi-usage! I’m excited for regular posting again!! :)


  18. hanako66 Says:

    boo radley…such a great name:) (a friend of mine {bradley} recently named his son radley, after the same

    you two are so funny and look adorable!


  19. Katie Says:

    Merry Christmas! Love Boo’s little elf hat :)


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