Moment of Zen

I think one of the reasons I’m sometimes tempted to buy things is because my brain is going a mile a minute. It wants to be soothed by something/anything! And shopping can seem soothing: you see pretty things you love and you have it within your power to obtain that thing. Such a wonderful, though sadly, temporary feeling.

Well, what if we soothed those feathers in other ways? Usually my other way would be food, but I just cut out my ultimate soothers out of my diet again (I miss you, gluten and sugar!). Maybe this won’t work for everyone, but Cath and I are going to post images every once in a while to soothe your soul, relax your forehead and help you take a deep breath. Tall order for one image, but we’ll try!

The first pic to help us with our moment of zen? A dusky sunset off the coast of Croatia from my trip last summer.

Deep breath in … an outttttt.

5 thoughts on “Moment of Zen”

  1. I’ve always loved your blog but I love it even more now as someone who is also cutting gluten and sugar (and steadily decreasing alcohol), who has gone even more minimalist in the past year, and who occasionally really misses Atlanta. Love this idea – thanks for sharing. Gorgeous pic.

    1. Thank you so much, Amy! It’s so nice to know you are in the same boat and moving toward a similar goal, isn’t it? Changing your lifestyle can be such a challenge — that’s why Cath and I changed AsianCajuns — to help support our own changes. We’re so glad it’s encouraging you too!

  2. Such a pretty pic, calming even! 🙂

    Good luck giving up gluten and sugar, I’ll be joining you this weekend – I’m starting whole 30 (I cut out most of my dragons last year, but never really got proper control over sugar, and can slowly feel myself sliding back into a few of those old bad habits, so am trying a whole 30).

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